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AIIMS PG Entrance Exam 2016


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AIIMS MD MS MCh DM MCh Entrance Exam 2016

All India Institute of Medical Sciences conducts Entrance Exam for MD / MS / MCh ( 6 yrs ) / DM ( 6 yrs ) / MDS Courses for the session July, 2016.

AIIMS PG 2016 Eligibility

i. AIIMS PG July 2016 Eligibility Criteria for MD / MS / MCh / DM / MDS

A candidate must possess MBBS degree for MD / MS and BDS degree for MDS courses of a University recognized by the Medical Council of India / Dental Council of India and must have completed the required period of 12 months compulsory rotating Internship / Practical training on or before 30th July, 2016 [ As per DCI endorsement No.DE-130-2011/B-4978, dated 13.12.2011, candidature will be as per DCI Revised BDS Course ( 4th Amendment ) Regulation - 2011 published in Gazettee notification ( Extraordinary ) Part - III, Section-4, dated 9.12.2011 ]. Candidates who complete their internship after 30th July, 2016 are not eligible for Registration in this examination.

The candidate must have obtained a minimum of the following marks in aggregate in all the MBBS / BDS professional examinations :

  • For candidates belonging to the SC / ST Categories 50% marks in aggregate.
  • For all other categories including OBC Category 55% marks in aggregate.

ii. AIIMS PG July 2016 Eligibility for MCH DM Course

The candidate must possess a MBBS degree and should have completed the required period of one year compulsory Internship. He / she must have obtained at least 55% marks in aggregate in all the MBBS professional examinations. The eligibility criteria are same as specified for MD / MS ( 3 years ) courses.

DM MCh Course Duration

  • A minimum period of 6 academic years is the duration for those registering after MBBS degree and completion of one year’s compulsory internship. The candidates selected for this course will spend first six months in the super specialities opted for. At the end of six months there will be a departmental examination to assess the suitability of the candidate to pursue training in the super speciality. On successfully qualifying in this assessment, the candidate would proceed to the next phase and this period would be included as a part of the full course. In case a candidate fails to qualify in the assessment or decides to discontinue the course, he/ she would be given a certificate of six months Junior Residency.
  • The next phase will consist of a period of one year devoted to a course in principles of surgery. It will consist of pre-determined course of didactic teaching and clinical work concerned with the basic principles of surgery. At the end of this period, i.e. 18 months after selection for the course, the candidates would appear for a qualifying examination in the basic principles of surgery. The examination would be conducted jointly by the Departments of Surgery and the super speciality to which the candidate belongs. The candidate must pass this examination before he/she is permitted to appear in the final examination.
  • A candidate shall become eligible to appear for final examination at the end of five years. He/She can also appear for the final exam at the end of 5 1⁄2 or 6 years as well. However in any case, the period of registration will remain six academic years which is mandatory.

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