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DMER PG Selection Procedure 2013


DMER PG 2013 Selection Procedure

1. The selection to a course / college will be made considering his / her SML number and preferences given by the candidate.

2. Preference form filling brochure will be published on website of DMER ( )

3. Candidates as per SML number will be called for DMER 2013 PG Counseling and asked to fill the preference form. Counseling will be carried out at Mumbai on 30th August, 2013. DMER PG 2013 Counseling sessions are not meant for instant seat allocation. During these sessions, candidates are assisted in exercising their preferences for various courses and the institutions. Seat allocation ( declaration of list of selected candidates ) shall be made on 31st August, 2013.

4. DMER 2013 PG Selection Process shall be as follows :

  • The preference form shall be available at DMER PG 2013 Counseling Centre in Mumbai.
  • The duly filled preference form should be submitted at the same office on the same day. The candidate should submit only one DMER 2013 PG Preference Form. Submission of more than one form may lead to disqualification. The candidate should present personally to fill the preference form. Proxy will not be permitted.
  • The selection will be on the basis of merit and the preferences submitted by the candidates in their preference form. For filling of vacant seats after first round, same DMER 2013 PG Preference Form will be considered and no separate preference form will be required to be filled by the candidate.
  • The candidates who have filled in preference form, but are not selected in the first round, are eligible for all available vacant seats in the subsequent round.
  • Based on preferences given, the seat will be allotted on merit and the allotment will be displayed on website of DMER i.e. and at the office of Designated Authorities.

5. Documents : The candidates must produce original certificates at the time of filling the DMER PG 2013 Preference Form / Counseling and one set of attested photocopy of each of the documents.

  • At the time of filling the Preference Form the reserve category candidate should bring all original documents and one set of attested copies of the same in support of claim made in DMER 2013 PG Application Form i.e. Caste Certificate, Caste Validity Certificate issued by Caste Certificate Scrutiny Committee / Fresh Court Order for Caste claim, failing which claim will not be granted and the candidate will be considered as an Open Category candidate.
  • The candidates belonging to DT ( VJ ), NT 1 ( A ), NT 2 ( B ), NT 3 ( C ) and OBC / SBC categories should submit Non Creamy layer certificate issued by appropriate authority and should be valid upto 31st March, 2014.

6. Canvassing directly or indirectly for the allotment of seat would disqualify the candidate for admission. Influencing the staff by unfair means, will lead to cancellation of allotted seat and such candidate will also face disqualification for appearance in the subsequent PGP CET / PGO CET / PGASLP CET / MSc ( P&O ) CET i.e in 2013.

7. The registration once granted is valid only if the teacher and the Dean are satisfied about regularity, good conduct as well as diligent pursuance of studies by the student.

8. Candidate selected and admitted is bound by disciplinary rules of University / Institution / State Government and local authority.

9. A candidate selected for M.P.Th. / M.O.Th. / M.A.S.L.P. / MSc ( P & O ) course will not be allowed to change subject / college / institute / place; on mutual basis.

10. In case of dispute in the matter of allotment of seat / course / institution or any other matter pertaining to the provisional selection or cancellation of admission, the decision of the Competent Authority shall be final and binding.

11. Status Retention of Admission : After selection in first / subsequent rounds, if the candidate desires to retain the same selection ( subject & college ) and does not want to take any further betterment, then he / she can do so by filling ‘Status Retention Form’ in the prescribed proforma given in this brochure within the specified time period after selection, this will be notified along with the selection list. ‘Status Retention Form’ is to be submitted to the Competent Authority through the college where he is admitted. However candidate should note that his name will be deleted from the further selection process for the academic year 2013 – 2014.

12. Legal jurisdiction : All disputes pertaining to the conduct of examination and selection shall fall within the jurisdiction of Courts at Mumbai only.

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