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JIPMER MD MS Counselling 2014

JIPMER Puducherry 2014 MBBS Entrance Exam will be conducted on 8th June, 2014.

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JIPMER PG 2014 Counselling

First JIPMER MD MS Counselling 2014

Allotment, for MD / MS seats announced for this April, 2014 session through JIPMER competitive Entrance Examination, will be done during first JIPMER 2014 MD MS Counseling Scheduled on the forenoons and afternoons of 26th March, 2014 and 27th March, 2014.

Adequate number of Candidates shall be called from eligible candidates from all the categories so that Roster Point is not blocked for lack of attendance. JIPMER 2014 MD MS Counselling will be done according to the category rank ( UR / INST / OBC / SC / ST / OPH ) and not by the overall rank as per the Roster Point allocation method.

All SC / ST candidates called for counseling are required to be present on both 26th March, 2014 & 27th March, 2014, so that the Roster Point is not blocked and counseling subsequently stopped due to non – availability of eligible candidates under SC / ST at that Roster Point.

Production of all original certificates as per list vide prospectus is mandatory. Candidates without original certificates shall not be entertained to participate in counselling.

On the day of counseling, please report 90 minutes before start of JIPMER 2014 MD MS Counselling to registration desk.

  1. The candidates will be registered only on production of the all original certificates, Rank letter and the JIPMER PG Hall Ticket downloaded by the candidate for the Entrance Examination held on 23rd February, 2014.
  2. Candidates are required to report to one of the two Registration Terminals equipped with a Biometric Finger Print scanning device with the downloaded hall ticket and rank letter for counseling.
  3. Biometric imprint of the candidates would be captured for candidates appearing for the counseling process and the same will be authenticated against pre – existing candidate’s data.
  4. A red flag would be raised upon a mismatch and his / her admission for counseling will be cancelled immediately. Suitable legal action will be initiated forthwith.

Please Note :

  1. No authorized representative will be permitted for counseling on behalf of any candidate.
  2. Candidates are instructed to comply with all the instructions in the prospectus prior to and after counseling.

They are required to attend the counseling at JIPMER as indicated in the merit list displayed in JIPMER notice board and website A candidate who is absent at the time of JIPMER MD MS First Counselling will forfeit his / her chance for admission. Candidates appearing for allotment should submit the documents in original along with an attested copy of the documents for registration to counseling.

Bonafide Certificate for JIPMER PG Counselling 2014 :

Candidates who come for counseling with a certificate that “Their original certificates are deposited with the Institute / College / University” will be allowed to participate in counseling under the following conditions :

  1. A Letter / Document in Original signed by the Principal / Dean mentioning the exact date of admission and list of the original certificates retained in that College / Institution.
  2. The fee receipt for the admission issued by the college in Original.
  3. Attested photocopies of all Certificates retained in that college are to be submitted.
  4. A Bona – fide Certificate Deposit ( BCD ) for Rupee 25,000/-, as DD drawn in favour of “Accounts Officer JIPMER”, has to be submitted along with the bona – fide certificate.
  5. Any such candidate attending the JIPMER 2014 PG Counselling with only bona-fide certificate, taking up a seat available at his / her rank in the counseling, has to submit the original certificate before one week from the date of counseling, failing which they will forfeit the Bona-fide certificate Deposit of Rupee 25,000/- and their claim for the seat offered in the counseling stands cancelled automatically.
  6. Upon any such candidate who does not join the course after taking the initial allotment and forfeits his / her claim for the allotted seat in writing, his / her BCD will not be returned.
  7. Upon such candidates who have attended the counseling with bona – fide certificate and subsequently have submitted the originals in time and admitted to the course , their BCD will be returned to only at the end of the course.
  8. In case of such candidates who leave the course midway, their BCD will not be returned and they will also have to pay the penalty and one month salary in lieu of notice period as per the terms and conditions of residency scheme contract.

JIPMER PG 2014 Counselling Eligibility

  1. A candidate who is absent at the time of first counseling will forfeit his / her chance for admission and will not be eligible for second counseling.
  2. JIPMER MD MS 2014 Second Counselling will be held, if seats are vacant, in the second week of April. The dates and eligible candidates shall be notified in JIPMER website and no personal intimation will be sent.
  3. A candidate who is present for the first counseling but does not opt / exercise option at his / her category rank will be eligible to attend second counseling.
  4. Any seat remaining vacant after the second counseling due to candidate’s resigning ( or ) not opting for the discipline, will be available for the final open selection counseling to be held in the last week of May, 2014. All candidates who are eligible for inclusion in the merit list can attend this final counseling irrespective of their previous attendance.

JIPMER 2014 PG Counselling Process

  1. JIPMER MD MS 2014 Counselling Process shall be done according to the Roster Point.
  2. Production of Hall Ticket ( Original ) downloaded by the candidate for Entrance Examination along with Biometric authentication on the day of counseling are mandatory for being permitted to counseling hall.
  3. Provisional certificate of MBBS Degree is permissible for those candidates who had passed the MBBS course in the year 2014 only.
  4. No TA / DA will be paid to any category of candidate called for counseling. All candidates should attend counseling at their own expense. They should make their own arrangements for stay at Puducherry.
  5. The selection for the seats under various categories will be held on 26th March, 2014 and 27th march, 2014 by Roster system.
  6. Option once exercised is final.
  7. The candidate has to attend in person for counseling. No proxy / representative is permitted under any circumstances into the counseling hall.
  8. Dates for Subsequent counseling for any Seat( s ) falling vacant will be intimated in JIPMER website No individual communication will be sent.

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