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JIPMER Exam Centres 2014

JIPMER Puducherry 2014 MBBS Entrance Exam will be conducted on 8th June, 2014.

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JIPMER PG 2014 Exam Centers

  • Applicant can opt only for three JIPMER Entrance Exam Cities.
  • The allotment of Exam City would be as per the order of preference given by the applicant in the JIPMER MD MS 2014 Applications.
  • Normally the first preference would be allotted. JIPMER, depending upon local conditions, reserves the right to allot any other Exam City other than the preferences given by the applicant.

    Sl.No.JIPMER 2014 MD MS Entrance Exam CitySl.No.JIPMER 2014 MD MS Entrance Exam City
    3Bhubaneswar9New Delhi
  • No request for change of center would be considered under any circumstances.
  • The Allotment of Exam City by the Institute will be final and binding.
  • In case of any unforeseen circumstances the Exam City can be cancelled at any point of time and a new Exam City can be allotted en bloc with due intimation in newspapers / JIPMER website

Method of JIPMER MD MS Examination 2014

  • Jawaharlal Institute PG Entrance Examination On-Line Based Distributed Object System of Examination.
  • The Entrance Examination is common to all and consists of 250 single best response type MCQs and will cover all subjects. The Entrance Examination will be of the standard of MBBS Examination.
  • Question paper consists of a total of 250 Questions distributed in :
    Basic Clinical SciencesAnatomy
    Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
    Total Number of Questions100 Questions

    Clinical SciencesMedicine
    Obstetrics & Gynecology
    Community Medicine
    Radio - diagnosis
    Radio - therapy
    Total Number of Questions150 Questions
  • There shall be only one paper of three hours duration consisting of 250 Multiple Choice Questions.
  • All questions will be of one best / correct response type having four alternatives.
  • More than one answer indicated against a question will be deemed as incorrect response and negative mark will be given.
  • Each answer with correct response shall be awarded Four Marks.
  • ZERO mark will be given for the questions not answered.
  • Negative marks will be given for incorrect response. For every incorrect response, ONE mark will be deducted.
  • The response of the candidate for a question( s ), on click of “submit button” before closing of Examination shall be considered as the response chosen by the candidate.

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JIPMER PG 2014 Exam Centres – JIPMER PG 2014 Test Pattern Details.

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