Medical Entrance Exam : UPPGMEE : Uttar Pradesh Post Graduate Medical Entrance Exam – UPPGMEE Exam Date 2015

Uttar Pradesh Post Graduate Medical Entrance Exam – UPPGMEE Exam Date 2015

UPPGMEE Entrance Exam 2015

King George’s Medical University,
( Erstwhile Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Medical University ),
Chowk, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India – 226 003,
Phone No. : +91 522 2258727, +91 9651069277,
Fax No. : +91 522 2258818, 0522 2256631, 0522 2257539,
Email :,
Website : &

AIDMMCHEE 2015 Exam Date

Uttar Pradesh Post Graduate Medical applications are invited for AIDMMCHEE 2015 ( All India DM/MCh Entrance Examination ) for the academic year of 2015 – 2015.

AIDMMCHEE 2015 Entrance Exam

AIDMMCHEE 2015 Entrance Exam Date : 11th June, 2015 ( Thursday ).

AIDMMCHEE 2015 Specialization

1. The candidate must be an Indian national.
2. The candidate must have passed MBBS and MD / MS / DNB in the relevant subject as given in table below:

Si. NoArea of SpecializationPrior Requirement ( As per MCI ).
a.CardiologyMD ( Medicine ),
MD ( Paediatrics )
MD Respiratory Medicine
b.EndocrinologyMD ( Medicine ),
MD ( Paediatrics )
c.Medical GastroenterologyMD ( Medicine )
d.NeurologyMD ( Medicine ),
MD ( Paediatrics )
e.RheumatologyMD ( General Medicine ),
MD ( Paediatrics )
f.Geriatric Mental HealthMD Psychiatry
g.Cardio vascular & Thoracic SurgeryMS ( Surgery )
h.UrologyMS ( Surgery )
i.Neuro - SurgeryMS ( Surgery )
j.Paediatrics SurgeryMS ( Surgery )
k.Plastic & Reconstructive SugeryMS ( Surgery )
l.Surgical GastroenterologyMS ( Surgery )
m.Surgical OncologyMS ( Surgery )
MS ( ENT )
MS ( Orthopedics )
MD ( Obst. & Gyne. )

3. Those candidates who have passed MD / MS / DNB in 2015 shall be eligible only if they produce a passing out certificate at the time of counseling.
4. Candidates can apply for a maximum of 2 courses at a time and give their choice for the Institution.
5. The candidate should satisfy himself / herself of their eligibility before applying.
6. Admission to selected individuals shall be subject to verification of eligibility documents by the appropriate authority.
7. Availability of seats.

S.No.CourseNo. of SeatsTotal Seats
1.DM ( Cardiology )0804020115
2.DM ( Neurology )03010105
3.DM (Endocrinology )0101
4.DM ( Geriatric Mental Health )01
5.DM ( Gastroenterology )0101
6.DM ( Rheumatology )0202
7.MCh ( Neurosurgery )030104
8.MCh ( Plastic Surgery )030104
9.MCh ( Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery )010102010106
10.MCh ( Pediatric Surgery )0202
11.MCh ( Surgical Gastroenterology )0202
12.MCh ( Surgical Oncology )010203
13.MCh ( Urology )0606


UPPGMEE 2015 Exam Date

UPPGMEE 2015 Entrance Exam

Uttar Pradesh Post Graduate Medical applications are invited for UPPGMEE 2015 for admission to various MD / MS / PG Diploma and MDS Courses for session 2015 in the U.P. State Medical Colleges of Agra, Allahabad, Gorakhpur, Jhansi, Kanpur, Meerut and in Medical / Dental faculty of CSM Medical University, Lucknow.

UPPGMEE Entrance Exam 2015 Date

UPPGMEE 2015 Exam Date : 1st March, 2015 ( Sunday )

UPPGMEE 2015 Seat Allotment

As per Government of Uttar Pradesh Order No. 3878/71-2-14-103/2011 dated 03/12/2014 K.G. Medical University, U.P., Lucknow shall be conducting the U.P. Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination, 2015 to select the candidates for admission to the State quota seats of Post Graduate M.D. / M.S. / M.D.S. / P.G. Diploma Courses in various State Medical Colleges / Institutes and Medical / Dental Faculty of K.G. Medical University, Lucknow.

AIPGEE and UPPGMEE 2015 Medical College / Medical University / Medical Institute wise seats in various Post Graduate Courses

Distribution of MD / MS / Diploma seats in 50% AIPGEE Quota and 50% State Quota for UPPGMEE 2015

1MD ANAESTH63532113211032110
2MS ANAT18211101*01*1*01*01*1*0
3MD BIOCHE.01000000000000000
4MS E.N.T.13321100000011000
6MS GYN..57743213+3*12+3*2+2*1*52321
8MD MICROB.12000000000000000
9MD NU.MED.02000000000000000
10MS OPHTH.34321013121131220
11MS ORTHO.33312203122031211
12MD PAED.45312201+2*12*1*1*2+4*11+4*1+3*1*
13MD PATH.50523212+1*11+1*11*32101
15MD PHYS.15211011011010110
16MD. PMR02000000000000000
17MD PSYC.10000000000000000
18MD R. DIAG.181**01**1**0000001*01*01*
19MD R. THER.161**01**1**00000000000
20MD SKIN.06000002+1*11+1*01+1*00000
21MD S.P.M.22211102111021110
22MS SURG.801156423+4*12+4*1+4*14+2*22+2*2+1*1*
23MD TB &CH.16211100000000000
Total Recogn. Seats607613031238361719163432122184
Total Permitted84---------------
Total Unrecognized6016016160180181351201293
1MD ANAESTH63743212111106P3P3P
2MS ANAT18211107341P1P0
3MD. BIOCHEM.01000000001P1P0
4MS E.N.T13321105231P01P
5MD FOR. MED.0410110101000
6MS OBS & GYN.571055327+4P3+3P4+1P5P2P3P
7MD MEDICINE8410+8**55+8**4+8**115876P3P3P
8MD MICROB.12000003+3P2+1P1+2P4P2P2P
9MD NU.MED.0200000000000
10MS OPHTH34523216+2P3+1P3+1P2P1P1P
11MS ORTHO33633216334P2P2P
12MD PAED.45633219546P3P3P
13MD PATH.50633211477000
14MD PHARMA15211104221P1P0
15MD PHYS.15211104221P1P0
16MD. PMR0200000211000
17MD PSYC.1000000633000
18MD R. DIAG.18211102+1*11+1*000
19MD R. THR.16211102+4P1+2P1+2P000
20MD SKIN0600000000000
21MD S.P.M.22211105+2P3+1P2+1P1P01P
22MS SURG.8015876115787P3P4P
23MD TB & CHEST16523215232P1P1P
24MD TRA.MED.0200000000000
Total Recogn. Seats607105525343101607981000
Total Permitted8400000201010482424
Total Unrecognized6080880101000
1MD ANAESTH633121100074321
2MS ANAT182110100021110
3MD. BIOCH.010000000000000
4MS E.N.T130000000000000
5MD FOR.MED.040000000010110
6MS GYN.576332100073431
7MD MEDICINE8484422000147752
8MD MICROB.120000000000000
9MD NU.MED.020000000000000
10MS OPHTH345232100053220
11MS ORTHO333211000052321
12MD PAED.456332100063321
13MD PATH.503122000073440
14MD PHARMA152111000021110
15MD PHYS.152111000021110
16MD. PMR020000000000000
17MD PSYC.10000002P1P1P21110
18MD R. DIAG.181011000021110
19MD R. THR.160000000021110
20MD SKIN061011000021110
21MD S.P.M.223211000032101
22MS SURG.8084431000115642
23MD TB&CH.160000000021110
24MD TRA.MED.020000000000000
Total Recogn.Seats607673235278000984949409
Total Permitted840000021100000
Total Unrecognized603033000020220
1MD ANAESTH634P2P2P000422
2MS ANAT18000000000
3MD. BIOCH.01000000000
4MS E.N.T13000000000
5MD FOR.MED.04000000000
6MS GYN.57000000000
7MD MEDICINE84000000000
8MD MICROB.12000000211
9MD NU.MED.02000000211
10MS OPHTH34000000000
11MS ORTHO33000000000
12MD PAED.45000000000
13MD PATH.505P3P2P000422
14MD PHARMA15000000000
15MD PHYS.15000000000
16MD. PMR02000000000
17MD PSYC.10000000000
18MD R. DIAG.182P1P1P000633
19MD R. THR.163P1P2P000211
20MD SKIN06000000000
21MD S.P.M.22000000000
22MS SURG.80000000000
23MD TB&CH.16000000000
24MD TRA.MED.02000000211
Total Recogn. Seats6070001578221111
Total Permitted841477000000
Total Unrecognized60000000000

Note :

  1. Total available AIQ ( All India Quota ) seats are 340.
  2. Total seats available for State quota will be 411 ( 351+60* ) Only State quota seats are available for UPPGMEE 2015.
  3. In compliance to the Govt. Order No.3878/71-2-14-103/2011 dated 3rd December 2014, 30% seats (51) of Postgraduate degree courses in State Medical Colleges, Allahabad, Gorakhpur, Jhansi, Kanpur, Meerut, Agra have been reserved for in – service doctors of PMHS Cadre selected through UPPGMEE 2015.
  4. (*) Denotes unrecognized seats and (P) denotes permitted seats.
  5. (**) These seats have been kept in abeyance for counseling since Academic Year 2013.
  6. The number of seats in the medical colleges and allotment on these seats may change.
  7. Category wise distribution of seats will be as per U.P. Public Service Scheduled caste, Scheduled tribes and other Backward Class Reservation amendment Ordinance, 2002 OR as per the prevailing U.P. Govt. Orders at the time of counseling.
  8. 3% horizontal compartmentalized reservation is available for physically handicapped category candidates as per norms laid down by the Medical Council Of India for the same. The identification of these seats shall be as per G.O. no. 3854/71-3-06/2006 dated 29-9-2006 & dated 3-11-2006.

Distribution of seats in MDS in the Faculty of Dental Sciences, K.G.MU, Lucknow and U.P. Rural Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, Safai, Etawah for UPPGMEE 2015.

Sl.No.SpecialtyTotal SeatsDental Faculty, Kgmu, LkoU.P. RIMS, Safai, Etawah
Total SeatsAIQ SeatsState Quota SeatsTotal SeatsAll India Quota SeatsState Quota Seats

*Category wise distribution of seats will be as per U.P. Public Service Scheduled castes, Schedule tribes and other Backward Class Reservation amendment Ordinance, 2002.

Eligibility for UPPGMEE 2015

  1. Candidates who have passed MBBS / BDS course from the State Medical Colleges of Agra, Allahabad, Gorakhpur, Jhansi, Kanpur, Meerut, UP Rural Institute of Medical Science & Research Saifai Etawah, Medical / Dental Faculty of K.G. Medical University, Lucknow and recognized Private Medical / Dental Colleges of U.P. are eligible to appear in the entrance examination.
  2. Candidates who have passed MBBS from Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences, Dehradun, and are bonafide residents of U.P. and selected through CPMT 2000 or before conducted by undivided Uttar Pradesh are also eligible. Candidates who have passed MBBS from the Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences, Dehradun, and are bone fide students of U.P. but selected after year 2000 in that Institute are not eligible (vide GO, No. 3878/71-2-14-103/2011 dated 03/12/2014 Candidates must have completed or completing their Compulsory Rotatory Internship by 30th April, 2015.
  3. A candidate who has already taken admission on the basis of earlier U.P.P.G.M.E.E / A.I.P.G.E.E. is not eligible to appear in the examination until he / she completes and passes the course where he / she is presently admitted. However, such a candidate shall be eligible if :
    • He / She has resigned from the said course, his/her resignation has been accepted by the Principal of the Medical / Dental college or the Vice Chancellor ( in the case of candidates of K G Medical University ) and he / she has refunded the full amount of salary / stipend received by him / her during the said course along with the fulfillment of the terms and condition laid down in the Bond of Rupee 5 Lacs at the time of admission, before the date of notification of this examination, i.e. 3rd December, 2014.
    • He / She is presently pursuing P.G. Diploma course in any subject, with the condition that he / she will be considered for the Postgraduate Degree course in that subject only.


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