20,000 Engineering Seats remain Vacant

The worst fear came true for promoters of technical education in the State.

Even after the final spot counselling, out of total 37,893 seats in engineering stream approximately 20,000 seats remained vacant and of total 3,675 seats in MCA, about 2,000 seats have no takers.

More than 90 colleges had participated in the online counselling process this year.

Orissa Private Engineering College Association (OPECA) has made desperate plea before the State government to conduct second Joint Entrance Examination to fill up the remaining vacant seats.

In a letter sent to State Industry Minister, OPECA honorary secretary Binod Dash said if government had any reservation on conduct of second JEE, it should hand over the vacant seats to the association to fill those up.

Private engineering colleges had raised the issue in the meeting of Policy Planning Body held on 31st August, 2010 last.

OPECA urged the State government to take expeditious steps regarding a case regarding admissions in technical institutions pending in Supreme Court.

Private engineering colleges have long been demanding to allow them to fill up 15 per cent vacant NRI seats at college level and fill up all vacant seats after the completion of the JEE – counselling through the association or at college level.

Academicians have, however, expressed their strong reservations on these proposals saying it would erode quality of technical education in the State.

Despite their indications last year that all seats would not be filled up, more than six new engineering colleges were set up this year and seat strength of many colleges were enhanced.

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One thought on “20,000 Engineering Seats remain Vacant

  1. Govt. of Orissa & also Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, should consider the huge number of Student’s career& allow them to take admission to the Engineering Colleges in Orissa Either by conducting Second OJEE or by CET, Since so many Students from the neighbouring states ply to Orissa to enroll in Engg course they have not taken admission anywhere else too, if the Court or Ste Govt does not give permission then these students will be loosing one valuable year which will be very crucial for them in their Career. They all are helpless & hoping for the best decision in favor of them, Since last year also second JEE was conducted hence they got some ray of hope this year & now many of them are becoming frustrated. So its my plea for all these students to give them alast chance & save their CARREER. I believe students should all agree with me. Thanks

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