68 percent of Tamil Nadu Colleges unaccredited

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68 percent of Tamil Nadu Colleges unaccredited

Until August last year, only 231 colleges had received accreditation out of 729, said TNSAAAC chairman.

Almost 68.4 percent of the total 1,200 colleges in the State do not have accreditation.

Making this alarming revelation at the Tamil Nadu State Academic Audit and Accreditation Council (TNSAAAC) meeting here on Wednesday, which was attended by 400 college representatives, S.P. Thyagarajan, chairman of the council, said, “Until August 2009, only 231 colleges had received accreditation out of 729 amongst which only 40 out of 498 private colleges had sought that benchmark.

The council will ensure that all arts and science and B.Ed colleges are accredited henceforth”.

Conveying that the TNSAAAC would also set up internal quality assurance cells in each college and university, the Chairman said, “Colleges will have to submit quality assurance reports annually.

Apart from the accreditation process that will be conducted every five years, colleges will have to undergo an academic and administrative audit every three years, so that quality aspects can be monitored and maintained,” he added.

Informing that the new council would also give individual programme accreditations for specific courses, Thyagarajan said, “In the meantime, we will get approval at the national level once the accreditation bill comes about.”

The council would operate through a new web site dedicated for the purpose.

“Right now there are some colleges that don’t give even five hours of lecture to students.

Over 40 percent of them will find it tough to meet with even basic accreditation norms in their existing practices of student development, infrastructure and faculty quality,” A Ramaswamy, vice chairman, TN State Council for Higher Education (TANSCHE) said.

Higher Education Minister K. Ponmudy said that if the council functioned in a dedicated manner it could usher in dramatic changes in higher education.

S. Bhaskaran, member – secretary of TANSCHE, will serve in the same portfolio in this council as well.

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