Kerala University steps Webcasting World

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Kerala University steps into Webcasting World

The University of Kerala took another step towards becoming a ‘fully wired community’ with the inauguration of its webcasting and videoconferencing facilities here on Tuesday.

The videoconferencing system will allow the Vice – Chancellor to interact live with academics and officials on the Karyavattom campus from his chamber at Palayam.

A special room capable of seating up to 20 persons has been readied at the office of the credit and semester system at Karyavattom for this.

The videoconferencing facility was launched by Education Minister M.A. Baby, who addressed a group of professors and university staff at Karyavattom from the Vice – Chancellor’s chamber.

The facility was an indication that the mother university of Kerala was stepping into a technology – driven era, he said.

Mobile Devices

The videoconferencing units at Palayam and Karyavattom are mobile devices which can be taken to any point on the campuses.

The webcasting facility will allow the campus – wide broadcast live or otherwise of events being held at Karyavattom.

The webcasting would be done through the university’s new website – by making use of the Local Area Network at Karyavattom.

According to Acuthsankar S. Nair, director of the Centre for Bioinformatics who led a team that put in place the new website, the webcasting of lectures given by academics of international repute or of seminars which had inter – departmental relevance would strike a blow for qualitative teaching and learning in the university. Soon, the Palayam campus would be linked to the webcasting system.

The mobile videoconferencing devices could also be used to effect a live webcast of important programs being held at Palayam or Karyavattom, he added.

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