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Mistakes galore in English book of Bharathiar University

“The colleges and universities today are faced with many students” goes the preface of Communication Skills in English, the book Bharathiar University has prescribed for second year students for the general English paper.

In Unit One, in the process of explaining various means of communication, a sentence reads: “Spoken communication is usually used for speeches on formal occasions.”

Another line in the same chapter says: “It is a strategy by when retailers, contractors and banks to carry their products and services to the customer’s door.”

The book continues with such errors. Say for example, in page 99, a dialogue reported reads: “What is your father doing?” In the same portion, the younger brother is reported as studying higher class than the older one.

Again in page 104, the third last line goes: “Illustrations and tabular columns are put at the end of the report so as to maintain clarity.”

That is not all with the book. In page 112, the last line is: “These reports have a heading and mention the place from which the report is given and the date on which it was given. Hence are some examples.

The story continues till page 186, which is the last one. And, this has annoyed faculty of English in colleges in Erode.

“The book, to say the least, is unfit for prescription at any level of university education.

The mistakes, both grammatical and semantic, are so many that, in every page, a discerning reader can find any number of mistakes,” say the English Department staff of Chikkaiah Naicker College.

They have called for withdrawing the book. Vice-Chancellor, Bharathiar University, G. Thiruvasagam says he is aware of the problem and will initiate corrective measures.

“I’m planning to convene the Board of Studies for English.” Action will be taken in 10 days, he added.

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