SLD can be resolved with the Help of Special Educators

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SLD can be resolved with the Help of Special Educators

Specific Learning Difficulty (SLD) at the tender age of children could be resolved with the help of the special educators, said Dr. B.S. Virudhagirinathan, a Chennai – based Clinical Neuropsychologist of Help Child Charitable Trust.

On the sidelines of a three – day training program to train special educators, teachers and parents at Shishya School in Hosur, Dr. Virudhagirinathan said that every normal child has one or the other learning difficulty that could be identified at their tender age i.e. between 6 and 12.

He said that every child has problem in learning. It differs from child to child.

Oral expression, listening comprehension, written expression, basic reading skills, reading fluency skills, reading comprehension, solving mathematic problems etc could be resolved through regular training and intervention, he added.

Parents should not insist a child to change their habit of using their left hand instead they can help them to do things in a better way to see that the child succeed in his / her endeavour either in education or sports and games etc.

Stammering could be resolved through proper reading methodology i.e. long pronunciation of words in class rooms and at home.

Children may have problem in writing. Most of them could not write fast or neatly. This could be corrected by teaching them to hold / clutching the pen or pencil in a proper way.

The correct way of holding the pencil should be above one inch of the sharpened lead. Choosing the mat finish (rough) tri-angular pencils was suggested for the children with sweating problem.

A circular on inclusive education by the CBSE on 29th October, 2008 insists that inclusive thinking and practices involve learners with disabilities in mainstream education curricula, assessment practices and classroom transaction which encourage the general and subject teacher to work together for the benefit of each student.

Inclusion presents a challenge not just on behalf of students with disabilities but also on behalf of students who are different in other ways.

Different languages and cultures, different income groups and different ways of learning need accommodation from educators.’

Children studying between Standard 2 to VI were screened to identify SLD called Micro Biological Disorder at Shishya School in Hosur for three days. It gave further impetus to follows the guidelines of the CBSE in “Inclusive Education” said Vasanthi Theagarajan, Principal.

Ms. Vasanthi said that the medical expert team led by Dr. Virudhagirinathan had given hands – on training to the special teachers and mainstream teachers to identify the Micro Biological Disorder among the children (Dyslexia) for three days in the school.

The special education wing was operating under the head of Rama Sampath, who is guiding for Inclusive Education program in the school.

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