Skill Progression Compulsory for Lecturers

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Skill Progression Compulsory for Lecturers

Experts and professors felt that upgradation of skills and knowledge for teaching faculty was a must throughout their career.

While participating in the seminar “Recent Trends in Zoology” organised at Women’s Degree College on Thursday on the occasion of Gregor Johann Mendel, considered father of zoology, they said understanding the subject and latest trends would enable the lecturers to explain the lessons in a better way.

Vice – Chancellor of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar University of Srikakulam S.V. Sudhakar, who was chief guest at the seminar, said various branches of zoology had developed into important subjects due to constant research all over the world.

Women’s Degree College principal K. Mythili, Men’s Degree College Principal B.Police and senior faculty member K.Madhusudana Rao explained the steps being taken to improve the standards of teaching in the colleges.

They expressed concern over the shortage of teaching faculty in zoology subject.

‘It is not possible for the lecturers to teach confidently when they do not understand the latest trends in zoology. That is why we are organizing seminars and in – service training programmes for the upgradation of skills.

This will enable them to teach the lessons confidently and clarify the doubts of the students”, Dr.Mythili said.

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