Tips for U.S. bound Students

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Tips for U.S. bound Students

Students looking for opportunities in higher education in the United States should make sure to ‘dig deep’ into the background of universities before applying for admissions.

Serious research by contacting alumni, existing students, consulting websites and other sources of information is vital before students zero – in on the universities.

“Every university provides a unique experience in the U.S. and students have to do homework in terms of finding more about the facilities and courses that suit their needs,” said U.S. Vice – Consul Jane Carter in a pre – departure orientation for students organised at Osmania University Centre for International Programs (OUCIP) on Friday.

The pre – departure orientation, which featured three U.S. Vice – Consuls, including Benny Padilla, Jane Carter and Greg Rankin, covered academic and cultural aspects of life in the United States.

Speakers highlighted the significance of staying in touch with International Student Advisors (ISA) of Universities, in which students have received admissions, for guidance.


Attending orientation program of respective universities while joining is mandatory, they felt.

“While checking into universities, orientation programs help students get acquainted with ground realities. Such programs are a must and the students should not miss them,” said Ms. Carter.

Student with admissions into universities should find a place to stay before they arrive to United States.

“There are college dormitories, independent houses, group houses, apartment and shared rooms. Students can take the help of ISA and make sure they have accommodation before reaching US,” they said.

The Vice – Consuls said that the students should have a clear idea on luggage that could be carried on person and those that had to be ‘checked – in’.

Visa, passport, money, weather appropriate cloths, medications, important visa documents, contact information, medical records, immunisation records and photos should always be carried on person.

Perishable items like pickles, fruits, hair driers, electronic goods, cookware utensils like pots and pans, books, Indian staples, computer equipment, gifts from home, expensive jewellery and bedding should not be a part of the luggage. These goods can be purchased in the U.S.

Transit Visa

“The students should get a transit visa and avoid getting caught in the airport in case of flight cancellations or delays at transit destinations,” said Greg Rankin.

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