A Virtual Tutor for Central Board of Secondary Education Students

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A Virtual Tutor for Central Board of Secondary Education Students
With examination fever beginning to grip students, a “virtual tutor” claims to offer some help in understanding different concepts.

Students will now be able to access the entire course content of the Central Board of Secondary Education and the curriculum devised by National Council of Educational Research and Training on the virtual world with the help of www.CBSEtutor.com. The new portal will enable parents and students ranging from pre-Nursery to Class XII to access online tutorials.

While parents of little children would be able to find poems, stories, nursery rhymes and learning games on this site, students of middle and senior school level can take notes, lessons, tests and assignments delivered chapter-wise.

The tutorial portal has been launched by Unified Learning Private Limited. “The website is comprehensive and thorough and gives students a chance to self-learn and enhance their understanding of concepts.

Private tutorial have become expensive and this offer the students another option,” claims the firm’s director of operations, Anil Sharma.

“The website has been developed using the latest technology and conforms to learning systems of international standards,” Mr. Sharma informs.

“What sets www.CBSEtutor.com apart will be the comprehensiveness and cost effectiveness for students who hardly have any access to worthy reference material and resources related to CBSE curriculum and course content,” he added.

An in-built database mechanism on the site will enable it to track the progress of students on the basis of their performance by preparing virtual dossiers on each user student.

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