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Students set record in making paper bags

For all of them, it was an experience of a lifetime. Sitting in 15 rows of 20 each, equipped with A3 size sheets of white paper, glue stick, punching machine, and a few threads, they were all set – to make paper bags.

Three hundred students of Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology drove themselves hard to make as many paper bags as possible in 30 minutes here on 12th February, 2013 to create awareness on avoiding use of plastics to prevent global warming.

The event was organised as part of the National Entrepreneurship Network’s E-Week being held in the college from 9th February,  2013 to 14th February, 2013. And, the finale was so unique that it set a world record.

The students made 2,070 bags to enter into the Elite World Records UK Private Limited under the category “Most People Involved in Making Paper Bags Simultaneously”.

Trained by craft teacher Meena from Avila Convent, students, mostly girls staying in the hostel, learnt the art of making paper bags using paper, glue stick and threads, after class hours.

A few interested boys and faculty members too participated. Once they learnt the technique, the next step was to practise speed.

R. Sunitha, Assistant Professor, MBA Department, said they practised with the aim of making 10 bags each in 30 minutes.


Wanting to do something different for the finale and also focus on the need of the hour – global warming, students and faculty decided on this initiative.

And, their efforts paid off when L. Sironlal, Adjudicator – India, Elite World Records UK Private Limited, announced their entry into the records book.

The participants made between seven and 12 bags each. The adjudicator randomly tested the aesthetics and usability of the bag. The minimum prescribed size was 10×10 cms. Since the students had chosen A3 size sheets, size did not become a problem.

Behind the success of the participants was the enthusiastic volunteer team, which kept replenishing the stock of paper, thread, glue stick, played some lively music, and gently kept reminding them the time now and then.

Mr. Sironlal handed over the certificate to S. Malarvizhi, Chairperson and Managing Trustee of Sri Krishna and VLB Institutions, surrounded by enthusiastic students.

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