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AP high court rejects private engg colleges’ plea to raise fee

The Andhra Pradesh High Court has rejected private engineering colleges’ plea seeking permission to raise fee higher than that was fixed by the Admission and Fee Regulatory Committee ( AFRC ).

Justice Naushad Ali was dealing with a batch of writ petitions filed by the managements of various engineering colleges challenging GO 57, dated 6th July, 2013, which fixed ₹ 30,000 as the fee per each student for first year.

Colleges observed that they would face difficulties if they were not permitted to charge higher fee than the one fixed by AFRC, they urged the court to pass an interim order permitting them to do the same.

However, the judge, in his order, said that the court should keep the interests of not only the petitioners but the interests of the students on whom the ultimate burden lies.

Their paying capacity has never been taken as a factor. Unfortunately, this class is treated as an alien to the field of fixation of fee and the issue has always been treated as a bilateral issue between the state and the institutions, he observed.

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AFRC Revising Engineering Fee of Professional Colleges

The Admission and Fees Regulatory Committee ( AFRC ) is going to fix the engineering fee of professional colleges without being influenced by the state government.

The high court sealed the writ petition which was filed in light of the decision of the stage government setting a uniform fee for all colleges at ₹ 35,000 per annum.

They further pointed out that it was the apprehensions of having to bear an increased financial burden under its fee reimbursement scheme. The counsel for the petitioners said that these acts of the state government were completely without jurisdiction and constituted an act of ‘state terrorism’.


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