Setting up of Foreign Universities opposed

Foreign universities will do no good to furthering Indian culture, education or values, opines Andhra Pradesh Law University Vice-Chancellor Y. Satyanarayana.

At a day-long seminar on ‘Developments in Higher Education – Perspectives and Challenges’ on Andhra University campus on Saturday, he dismissed theory that foreign universities would solve our problems and indicated that they could bring in new problems due to promotion of an alien culture.

Losing vision was worse than losing physical sight, he said quoting Mother Teresa and wanted the government to make additional investments in higher education.

Quality of teachers cannot be better than Indian teachers and it was for us to improve our own quality, he observed.

“We do not need any mediators to promote our own culture and build a bridge between the current and future generations,” Prof. Satyanarayana asserted.

Privatising education began on a small scale by having single teacher primary schools in 1980s by taking teachers on contract basis, which now got established as a norm in the universities even for professors, said educationist and MLC Chukka Ramaiah.

Delivering the keynote address at the seminar, presided over by Graduates MLC M.V.S. Sarma, he said resistance to privatisation of education had begun in the US and in no time it would reach Indian universities also.

Profit-making was the sole motive of this corporatisation of education and universities, which had led to drastic fall in quality research he opined.

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