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Cambridge India Launches its First Android Apps for CBSE Schools

Cambridge University Press India has launched its first ever range of Android Apps for CBSE School textbooks covering physics, chemistry, biology and economics.

The Android Apps are designed to provide on – the – move support for learners preparing for a range of exams, and they are aimed at students in Classes XI and XII, following the CBSE syllabus.

There are eight Android Apps for Android Tablets ( version 2.2 onwards ) with advanced functionality, including multiple – choice questions with instant feedback, in – text note making and instant recognition of a previous session. so learners need never lose their place.

Manas Saikia, Managing Director of Cambridge University Press India, said : “Cambridge India is publishing apps to support its main textbook business, which will involve establishing a product pipeline for multiple digital platforms. It will help us deliver richer products to more customers while retaining the ability to deliver our traditional products for many years to come. This involves creating, marketing and selling our educational content to both our traditional schools customers and new customers outside this market.

The rise of new devices and product types means that we have the opportunity to increase our customer range to include new types of learners that we would not have been able to serve before. It will be important to our growth to tap into these new markets ( geographically and demographically ) with new product types that remain true to our core educational mission while expanding on what used to be possible.”

The Android Apps are priced between ₹ 99 / – and ₹ 199 / – . A free seven day trial is also available for each Android App. There is also a ‘lite’ version, which offers a preview of all eight apps for free.

The Android Apps for the CBSE Schools can be downloaded from the Cambridge India’s Website : and Google Play

A new website has also been launched at, where learners can download the lite version for free.

Functionality of Android Apps for CBSE Schools :

The Android Apps for CBSE Schools offer advanced functionality including :

  • Detailed table of contents linked with chapters
  • Chapter – based multiple choice questions with instant feedback
  • Swipe or touch for next or previous page
  • Bookmarks
  • When app is closed and reopened, it opens to same place and settings as before
  • Pinch and zoom
  • Landscape as well as portrait device orientation supported
  • In – text note making

Cambridge University Press in India provides educational and academic materials to millions of learners in India and South Asia, and its focus is on the development of affordable and high quality educational products.

Cambridge publishes original academic and educational textbooks that focus on South Asia and is on track to become one of the top three education and English language teaching publishers in the country.

Cambridge University Operation in India :

Cambridge University Press’s operation in India is rapidly expanding; its eight offices are in the following places of India :

  • Hyderabad
  • Chennai
  • New Delhi
  • Kolkata
  • Mumbai
  • Bangalore
  • Pune
  • Thiruvananthapuram

Cambridge is committed to bringing high quality learning materials to some of the poorest young learners; part of this commitment is fostered through partnership with MAD ( Make a Difference ), a charity working with 3,500 disadvantaged children in ten cities.

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