Making Tomorrow a better World with Animation

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Making Tomorrow a better World with Animation

Multimedia is a means of merging various types of medias like sound, animation, video and graphics.

Animation and multimedia is a field which requires blend of creativity and hard work in order to establish and progress.

The difference is when motion induced into graphics, it becomes animation, while sound infused into this animation, it becomes multimedia.

Animation or computer graphics is a series of drawings, objects or people in various positions or movements.

Indian Scenario

In the recent past Indian animation companies and animation studios have been moving up the value chain to create their own intellectual property rights with Hanuman, Roadside Romeo, etc.and partnering with international studios to produce animated properties for the global audience.

Though a majority of the work done by the animation industry in India is outsourced work, this is expected to change in the future with increased demand from the domestic entertainment industry.


Animations are used in different avenues of this high-tech generation. Internet, computer / TV games, satellite televisions are the latest areas where animation plays an important role. With its popularity, more students are being attracted towards animation courses.

Animation courses differ from each other based on their usage. Some courses may be for computer animation, while some for mobile application animation. Whatever be its type, animation professionals are in great demand.

An animation course offers you a number of job opportunities in various media industries, including films, internet, and television and out of home media.

Animation courses can be specialized in different sub-categories, including creating illustrations, games development, 3 dimensional animation, digital film making, graphic designing, video editing, web designing with multimedia professional tools, printing and publishing.

Animation courses can also be done specializing in modeling and texturing. These courses are vocational short-term courses that students can do after their 12th.

Animation courses are also differentiated based on their duration. Short-term courses are designed for professionals who have the basic knowledge of the animation concept and want to brush up their skills.

These courses generally last for a few months and let the students be aware of the latest tools and technologies that are being used generally.

Long-term courses in animation are designed for beginners who want to gain an edge over others in the competitive IT industry.

You can select these programs based on the career path you want to take. Generally, a diploma or a degree is offered after the completion of these courses for example diploma in web design, diploma in graphic design and BSc in Multimedia and animation.

For a career in animation, you have a plenty of options to select and move in that direction with professional help from the animation institutions.

Right Path

There are more schools, colleges and institutions that are providing the services for affordable cost. But choosing the best, one among them lies in the hands of the student.

Various factors have to be considered before choosing a right institution. Detailed knowledge of the institution, animation or multimedia courses provided, trained professionals and their certification, make the candidate to choose the right institution.

Your Best Choice

There are several animation schools that offer a good quality & high tech courses for your budget. Arena Animation – Malleswaram and Rajajinagar are among the best in the country.

Arena Animation-Malleswaram and Rajajinagar with their state of the art 5,000 sqft infrastructure each with the latest machines and the best experienced and the oldest technical teams in the country have been providing quality animation education since the last 14 years and have consistently placed most of its students in leading animation studios globally.

Arena Animation – Malleswaram and Rajajinagar offer courses like Diploma in Animation Engineering (Animation Film Making), Arena Animation International Program, Game Art & Design, Graphic & Web Design and B.SC Degree in Multimedia and Animation.

Arena Animation – Malleswaram and Rajajinagar for the first time in the country have newly launched the Bachelors Degree in Media & Mass Communication which helps get skills for multiple and exciting careers in media and related fields.

More career opportunities are available for these courses and it is assured that the student will be placed in excellent environment.

So, what are you waiting for? Kickstart your career in animation with the leader – Arena Animation – Malleswaram and Rajajinagar.

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