Anna University, Coimbatore set up Campuses in Other Countries

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Anna University, Coimbatore set up Campuses in Other Countries

Anna University, Coimbatore, is moving to set up campuses in other countries, subject to further approvals.

These will function as full-fledged colleges affiliated to it. The countries that have expressed interest are Sri Lanka, Dubai (a part of the United Arab Emirates), Bahrain, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan.

According to Vice-Chancellor R. Radhakrishnan, this proposal, approved by the Syndicate, will help provide quality technical education at an affordable cost to students in those countries.

The Vice-Chancellor said: “Many non-resident Indians have requested the university to establish our campuses abroad as there is no government institution offering quality higher education there.

At present many private players have their campuses abroad and they charge exorbitant fees.

The university will go ahead with the proposal once it is approved by the University Grants Commission, the All India Council for Technical Education and the Ministry of Human Resource Development.”

The proposed overseas campuses would be established on a revenue-sharing basis with the governments of the countries concerned.

The revenue-sharing arrangements would be decided on a case-to-case basis with the Syndicate’s approval.

“This will be the first move of its kind for a government-controlled university in India to establish its campus abroad. Other institutions only have study centres. This will not be so. Affiliation and other regulations will apply to those colleges as it applies to those here,” he said.

The university would recruit more teachers to depute them on overseas assignments.

In some cases the university would also recruit from the overseas locations.

Students in those countries would receive degrees of Anna University, Coimbatore. This would also provide an opportunity for the university students studying here to do twinning programmes in those colleges, the Vice-Chancellor said.

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