Anna University revises Internal Evaluation Norms

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Anna University revises Internal Evaluation Norms

Anna University, Coimbatore, has revised its internal evaluation norms and brought in refinements / modifications based on inputs received from various quarters for its constituent and affiliated colleges.

According to the university’s Controller of Examinations Commander Vinod Gopalan (Retd.), the internal assessment will consist of three components – unit test, assignments and motivated study / project work that will carry 50 marks.

Students will have to undertake their internal unit tests in specially prepared bound note books. One book will be provided for each subject.

It will have serial numbers and will be given to the students only at the time of the test and for perusing marks after evaluation.

The original copy of the question paper will be retained by the Head of the Department. The final average marks awarded will be 30.

Similarly a separate note book with serial numbers will be maintained by each student for assignments. The total assignment work will be approximately 60 hours of study and written work per semester. The final average marks awarded will be 10.

A self-study work termed motivated study or work project on a chosen topic involving at least 16 hours or more hours of study, including a public presentation work, should be undertaken by each student per subject.

Again, a special note book will be maintained for this. The average marks for the project will be 10. The students are also given an option of undertaking a single project as an alternative to the assignment and motivated study.

The content, however, should be sizable and significant in order to be evaluated for 20 marks for a semester.

The departments can offer their students management or technical problems which will result in demonstrable cost or effort savings for the university or institution. It can also be of use to the general public.

The final examination marks will be calculated at an average of 50 to make the overall evaluation for 100 marks.

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