Maharashtra’s Balchitravani to start Web Portal for Pune Education Board

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Maharashtra’s Balchitravani to start Web Portal for Pune Education Board

The State Institute of Education Technology, popularly known as Balchitravani, will develop virtual classrooms and audiovisual textbook lessons on a specially designed web portal for Std I to XII of the state board.

Through this project, estimated to cost around ₹ 5 crore, Balchitravani aims to provide technological aids to schoolchildren to make learning fun.

The institute has been producing audiovisual educational programmes for decades and it will put up those relevant to the current curriculum on the portal. It will also produce more films based on the revised curriculum of Std I to VIII. It is also involved in planning and production of educational audio and video software for schoolchildren and teachers of primary and secondary schools in the state.

Balchitravani director Nandan Nangre said, “We will record lectures by education experts who will simplify topics in school textbooks. Besides, we will also introduce an online chat system to answer students’ queries.”

Schools will be invited to subscribe to the web portal and access the lectures, videos and other features at a nominal charge.

The institute also aims to connect with information technology centres of schools at taluka level to introduce virtual classrooms. However, this scheme will be a part of the second phase of the project.

Balchitravani, which had been almost defunct for several years, was revived recently when the Union government directed it to prepare DVDs simplifying difficult lessons from Std I to X in all languages. The institute also received Rs 40 lakh from the state government to create educational films, jingles and advertisements on the Right to Education Act.

Public broadcaster Doordarshan had started charging Balchitravani fees to show its programmes, which led to their discontinuation. Hence, the institute proposed the web portal scheme to the state government in September.

Currently, Balchitravani is in the process of preparing programmes on difficult lessons for the project commissioned by the Union information and broadcast ministry. “We are conducting a survey among schoolchildren across the country on the topics they find difficult. We will then prepare scripts with the help of experts and produce films. The films will later be made available to students on this portal,” Nangre said.

The Project

  • To be designed for students of Std I to XII of the state board
  • Schools will be invited to subscribe to the portal and access material at a nominal charge
  • Estimated to cost around ₹ 5 crore

What it will have

  • Balchitravani’s audiovisual programmes relevant to current curriculum
  • Educations software for students and teachers
  • Expert lectures simplifying topics from textbooks
  • Online chat system to answer students’ queries
  • In the second phase, virtual classrooms in schools at taluka level

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