B.Ed College for Counselling List 2013

University Council decides to Disaffiliate 70 B.Ed. Colleges

After dilly – dallying on the issue for months, Bangalore University has finally decided not to renew affiliation to 70 B.Ed. colleges from 2013 – 14, during the special meeting of is Academic Council here 16th May, 2013. Of the 95 B.Ed. colleges, only 25 can now apply for renewal of affiliation from the coming academic year.

Pass and Fail 2013-2014

  • Total no.of B.Ed Colleges : 95
  • Colleges granted affiliation : 25
  • Colleges disaffiliated from 2013-14 : 70
  • Colleges disaffiliated from 2011 onwards : 9
  • Colleges not visited due to lack of NCTE recongnition : 16

After an exhaustive and stormy session, the Council members, who were presented with the three expert panels’ reports on teacher education, decided to go by the recommendations of only one : the V. Sudhakar Committee, which recommended the disaffiliation of 18 B.Ed. colleges. All the committees revisited three sets of colleges as categorised by the Task Force on Teacher Education of Bangalore University.

The Sudhakar Committee revisited the colleges falling under category three i.e., those indulged in “irregularities”. As for the committees headed by A.S. Seetharam and Nagappa P. Shahapur, which revisited colleges under categories four and five ( those with “gross irregularities” and “non – functional colleges” ), the Council decided not to accept them. However, going by the Task Force’s recommendations, the Council resolved not to renew affiliation of the 23 category four colleges, and 20 non – functional colleges from 2013 – 14.

Nine colleges were termed “defunct”, and it affiliation was withdrawn from 2011 – 12 . VC B. Thimme Gowda also announced at the end of the meeting that the Task Force’s final report on M.Ed. colleges have been accepted. The report recommends disaffiliation to six of the seven colleges.

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