Bharathiar University creates a Bharathiar Rotary Talking Book Library

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Bharathiar University creates a Bharathiar Rotary Talking Book Library

Bharathiar University will create a “Bharathiar Rotary Talking Book Library” in association with the Rotary Club for the benefit of the visually impaired. To begin with, it will contain 1,000 books in the form of CDs and audio cassettes, Vice-Chancellor of Bharathiar University G. Thiruvasagam said here on Sunday.

Speaking at the 199th birth anniversary celebrations of Louie Braille organised by the Association for the Rights of Visually Challenged (ARVIC) at the Nirmala College for Women, he lamented that the importance given to other weaker sections of society was not being given to those with physical disabilities. “They are the ones who truly belong to the weaker section.”

“There are 90 million people with disabilities in India. That means 2,130 out of every one lakh people are disabled. In Tamil Nadu, out of the 16.4 lakh disabled, 7.97 lakh are visually impaired. These large numbers show that the productivity of so many people is not tapped effectively. This is because the country is not giving them the required facilities in terms of education and employment,” the Vice-Chancellor said.

Even though the outlook of people towards the visually impaired had changed to a large extent and the Government had come out with many concessions, only 84 per cent of the concessions were being used.

“There is not even a proper database available on those with disabilities. There is no census record, or any kind of statistics, whereas you can find complete and correct statistics about the various castes and communities,” he said.

He promised that the university, along with other organisations, would create a proper database and publish it in the form of a brochure. He also said that the physical infrastructure of the Bharathiar University would be changed to suit those with disabilities.

Expressing concern over very few disabled persons going in for higher education, he said that to begin with Bharathiar University would encourage such students to pursue higher education by offering them one free seat in each college.

“This way there will be 145 students with disabilities getting a chance to pursue higher education.”

A Resource and Networking Centre for the Disabled would be set up at the university, he said.

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