Bharathiar University VC asks Colleges do more Globalised World

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Bharathiar University VC asks Colleges to do more in Globalised World

Bharathiar University Vice-Chancellor G. Thiruvasagam has urged higher education institutions to do more in the globalised world.

Delivering the convocation day address at the Kongu Arts and Science College here on Thursday afternoon, he said, “Institutions of higher learning (universities/colleges) will have to keep learning about creation of knowledge, its dissemination, its application and providing access to knowledge technology.”

“The agenda of the universities in this scenario [globalised scenario] may include opening new vistas of learning, new frontiers of researching, academic restructuring, sharing of expertise, innovation, technology transfer, knowledge management, training, employability, entrepreneurship, media convergence and meeting social, cultural and economic challenges thrown by the forces of globalisation and privatisation.”

He further said, “The role of universities/colleges in this emerging scenario of knowledge economy is crucial and multifaceted. The institutions have historically been designed to discover and disseminate knowledge and have been respected as knowledge based organisations.

They are centres of producing knowledge-makers and those who can make use of knowledge for the common benefit of the society.”

He presented gold medals to V. Mythili for standing first in the B.Sc. Costume and Fashion Designing course and N. Charanya Meenu for topping in the masters programme in the same discipline.Twenty-seven students won other ranks.

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