BIT Students create RFID Device

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BIT Students create RFID Device

Students of Hindupur-based BIT Institute of Technology in the district B. Mohan Reddy, S. Harini, M. Bhargavi and J.T. Ramya,  under the guidance of assistant professor Anwar Basha of Electronics and Communication Engineering, produced what the students have dubbed as Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) for identification of a person or object using a radio frequency transmission.

This technology can be used for financial transactions on the lines of ATM technology services.

The objective is to provide additional security services to those using ATM services. The RFID card stores the secret information like Unique ID of the concerned person.

As soon as the customer enters the ATM kiosk with RFID cardthe card reader reads the card and then communicates with the controller, identifies the person and asks him/her to enter the PIN (Personal Identification Number) number which has been already given andallows them to perform transactions.

The advantages include provision of greater security to customers.

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