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Education UK Exhibition 2012 on 30th November, 2012

British Council will organise ‘Education UK Exhibition 2012’ Coimbatore on 30th November, 2012.

According to a release, the exhibition will bring together representatives from nearly 20 institutions from the U.K. who will provide guidance to aspiring students.

The expo is part of a road show that is travelling to Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Kochi and Coimbatore. More than 6,000 visitors are expected to attend the expo. Students will get a chance to get information on studying for undergraduate, post – graduate, and research programmes, and also about life and culture of the U.K.

Representatives from the U.K. Border Agency will conduct a seminar on applying for student visa, the visa processes.

The expo will be held at The Residency from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. and entry is free for students. For registration and information, visit

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Birtish Council Launched a New English Testing Tool

British Council launched APTIS, a new global English test on Friday. Aptis is a global English assessment tool designed for organisations and institutions.

This is the first major international English test that integrates computer, telephone and pen and paper delivery to allow candidates to sit the test through one or more of channels; conducting it from many locations around the world through computers and face – to – face interactions.

Aptis has been built on a new interactive platform; a fully integrated test development, management, delivery, monitoring and reporting system, which offers results within 24 hours.

Candidates can also access Aptis from remote locations around the world even with limited internet connectivity, allowing many more organisations and individuals to develop relationships with the English language.

This is a business-to – business English assessment service available to organisations not individuals, and is the latest edition to the British Council’s English and examinations portfolio of products, allowing the council to offer a complete solution for organisations’ English development needs.

Our work in English creates opportunities for millions of people around the world through education, mobility and international engagement. We work across a wide range of English teaching, learning and assessment services, as well as with ministries of education to improve the English language teaching in education institutions around the world.

Aptis is a flexible and adaptable English test for adults, which can be used to assess ability in all four English skills ( speaking, listening, reading and writing ). It can also be customised to test one or more specific skills, which allows organisations to test the skills relevant to their needs. The content of the test can be adapted to suit a specific domain, such as for teaching or travel and tourism, as well customised to suit specific cultural contexts and variants of English.

The innovative marking system of the language test is task – based rather than test – based. This means in one task several people in different locations around the world mark different items within the test, all through the online platform.

This new test complements existing language tests such as IELTS – the high – stakes test which the British Council jointly owns with Cambridge ESOL and IDP : IELTS Australia.

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British Council announces Young Creative Entrepreneur 2012 Awards

British Council has recently announced the Young Creative Entrepreneur ( YCE ) 2012 awards in two sectors, which include YCE design for social impact and YCE digital for creative industries.

The award is open to Indian entrepreneurs between 21 and 40 years with at least two to three years’ experience, working within these sectors in India. Applications are open till 10th July, 2012.

The winners from each sector will go on a networking tour of their respective industry to the UK. They will interact with peers and industry leaders in the UK and attend a relevant trade event along with winners from other countries.

This is an opportunity for them to broaden their horizon and play a key role in increasing collaborative opportunities between the UK and India.

The YCE award goes beyond simply recognising the achievements of these entrepreneurs but aims to reward them for their contribution to their respective sectors and provide them a platform to begin a dialogue with their UK counterparts.

For the digital entrepreneur, it would be London Book Fair, the London Film Festival or Power to the Pixel event while the design entrepreneur would participate in the London Design Festival or the London Fashion Week.

{tab=Summer School Courses 2012}

British Council Kolkata announces Summer School Courses

The British Council Kolkata announced the details of the Summer School courses for 2012 on 18th April, 2012. The tailor – made courses of the council themed around the Olympics this year, promises to be bursting with fun, creativity and excitement while emphasising on learning and development the skills of English. Children can spend a constructive summer improving their communication skills and confidence in an enjoyable atmosphere.

In addition to this the council is also offering English Impact for adults who are keen to develop their language skills and expand their horizons by boosting their confidence and ability in English. The courses for children will range from Ace Teens ( 13 to 15 year olds ), Shining Stars ( 11 and 12 year olds ) to Whizz Kids ( 8 to 10 year olds ).

By practicing speaking, listening, vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing, children will develop confidence and fluency when using English. The three week project – based courses for young learners run over a period of 15 days ( Monday to Friday ) from 21st May, 2012 to 9th June, 2012.

All courses are specially designed to give children the English language skills to plan, design and complete fun – filled projects and tasks. Each two – hour lesson develops a new aspect of English and presents a new task or challenge. In the final lesson, the class will present a final performance for the parents.

The English Impact course for the adults aged 16 years and above promises to lay a special emphasis on spoken fluency and confidence. An Impact course is the ideal preparation for giving speeches or presentations, participating in group discussions or approaching interviews.

Classes will be held three hours per day and will run for over three weeks from Monday to Friday. Prices are inclusive of the level test, all materials and membership of the British Council Library in Kolkata. All students have to take a level test before registering to ensure that they take the course most suited for their ability and needs. Summer School classes for adults start on 21st May, 2012.

For more information call 033 22825370 and to make an appointment for our free level test. Information about courses is available on

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Worldwide Examinations

A new contract formalising the delivery of examinations worldwide has been signed by the British Council and the University of London International Programmes.

Under the new three – year contract, the British Council will contribute to the delivery of more than 117,000 local examinations a year for students of the international programmes. Under this agreement, the British Council will deliver examinations in 75 countries.

These will include Brazil, China, India, Pakistan and Tunisia. Crucially, the move will enable students of the international programmes to exercise greater choice in where they sit their examinations, which are all set and marked by academics at the colleges of the University of London.

Professor Jonathan Kydd, dean of the University of London international programmes, said, “We have formalised our long – standing relationship with the British Council, which has been a key player for many years now in administering our examinations at a local level.

This makes a real difference to our students who can choose where to sit their examinations in their home country. This is in line with our commitment to provide access to quality university education for all who could benefit.”

Mark Walker, director, examinations at the British Council, said, “With more international students now accessing UK higher education from outside the UK than those who access it through coming to the UK, universities need secure but customer – friendly ways of delivering their assessments throughout the world.

The British Council’s examination service enables them to access many more markets than they would otherwise be able to. The University of London has a long history of making education widely available and we are very pleased to be working with them to make their qualifications available around the globe.”


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