British University signs MoU with Mumbai College

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British University signs MoU with Mumbai College

Britain – based University of Westminster 6th April, 2012 signed a memorandum of understanding with Mumbai’s HR College of Commerce and Economics to expand its Indian scholarship programme, officials said.

“India has historically been an important partner for the University of Westminster, through students who have come to learn with us, academics who have shared their expertise, and as a partner for research,” said University of Westminster Pro Vice – Chancellor, Myszka Guzkowska, announcing their new Indian presence.

The University also announced its new partnership with the prestigious Jamia Millia Islamia University in New Delhi.

“It is our goal to strengthen these existing ties into long – term, sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships for the university and for India,” Guzkowska said.

The university also announced a new series of scholarships specifically for Indian students worth 1,50,000 pounds. The distinctive feature of these scholarships is that they are offered on the condition that, on graduation, the students return to work in India.

The University of Westminster is also launching an Indian Alumni Association, which will have the primary objective of promoting strong relationships between its alumni, current students, faculty and the university as a whole.

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