Call for Revamp of Syllabus in Agricultural Universities

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Call for Revamp of Syllabus in Agricultural Universities

The National Core group of ICAR on higher education, which met recently in New Delhi, has recommended revision of syllabus in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by all State agricultural universities in the country.

The new syllabus would come into effect from the academic year 2008-09, said M. Sudarshan Reddy, Dean of Agriculture, Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University in Andhra Pradesh and member of the National core group of ICAR.

In the undergraduate programme, existing courses are strengthened by adding the latest and relevant information in each discipline and the practical component of each course revised.

The undergraduate pattern would now be of three years (six semesters) course work and one-year (two semesters) RAWEP including hands-on training and electives in interdisciplinary courses for entrepreneurship development.

During the 7th semester, students have to spend time in a village, for which 18 credits are earmarked.

This program is more skill-oriented with inclusion of vocational training in crop production, plant protection, rural economics and extension program.

For the postgraduate programmes hitherto there was no uniform structure in the 41 agricultural universities in the country.

While some universities had a Grade Point Average of 7.0, others had 6.0 in each subject, and this used to create confusion, among the students, particularly when they sought admissions into research offered by different universities.

Now, all universities will have a uniform grade point average of 6.0 in each subject for M.Sc degree programmes and 7.0 for Ph.D programmes.

The other major recommendation was credit requirements.

A master’s student shall complete a minimum of 35 credits of course work and 20 credits of research work for the degree program. The maximum course load a student can take is 45 credits of course work and 20 credits of research work, he said.

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