CBSE mulls Syllabus Reduction in Social Science

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CBSE mulls Syllabus Reduction in Social Science

The Central Board of Secondary Education ( CBSE ) is mulling reduction of syllabus in social science subject and has asked stakeholders to provide feedback via an online questionnaire. The central board’s academic director Sadhana Parashar said, “CBSE is receiving a number of requests to reduce the syllabus in Std IX and X in all subjects and specifically in social sciences. In order to get response from all the schools the board has decided to collect feedback on current syllabus.”

TOI went through the questionnaire provided by CBSE and it became clear that it is trying to get an all-round view of the issue. From students it wants to know how many periods are allotted to social science every week and what is the most difficult part of the subject. ‘With respect to which of the subjects in the social sciences do you face the greatest challenge and more content in syllabus’, is one of the questions. Students have to answer from the choice of history, geography, political science and economics.

The board also poses questions to make teachers, students and parents think on whether it is right to reduce the syllabus. ‘Curriculum framers keep age appropriate syllabus and relevant topics for each class after several checks and balances. Is it wise to reduce the syllabus and lessen our knowledge in the subject,” it asks them.

The board also wants to know why students are feeling burdened in social science. “Is it because of casual attitude towards the social science subject, lack of effective teacher, heavy content and lack of conceptual understanding or poor reading habits and lack of comprehension,” asks one question. The central board will collate the responses after October 3 and will then take a final decision.

CBSE opts for Aurangabad over Mumbai for road show in state

The Central Board of Secondary Education ( CBSE ) has selected Aurangabad as its venue for a special workshop regarding the popular Students Global Aptitude Index ( SGAI ). The SGAI is a more refined version of an aptitude test and aims to provide Std X students with a clear idea on which stream they may opt for.

CBSE was set on holding the workshop in Mumbai but realized that it is not the board of choice for Mumbaikars, as CISCE ( which conducts ICSE and ISC exams ) holds sway. “There were only 31 schools in Mumbai and we decided that another venue was needed. Now we have finalized Aurangabad and every school has been requested to send their counsellors,” a senior official said. Upon being told that Nagpur has an extremely strong and vibrant CBSE schools network with its Sahodaya group being the third largest in India, the official said, “I did come to Nagpur a couple of years ago and am aware of the situation. Next time for sure we will plan an event there.”

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