CBSE School Celebrated International Ozone Preservation Day

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International Ozone Preservation Day Celebration in CBSE Schools

Following the CBSE’s initiative to create awareness about environment among students, many affiliated schools across the country celebrated the International Ozone Preservation Day on 16th September, 2013.

As a part of the observation, students from classes VI, VII and VIII were subjected to many activity sets with which they created awareness posters. Besides this, they participated in events such as slogan writing, speech, quiz and essay competitions.

The activities were focused on the importance and role of ozone in protecting the earth from the detrimental ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun as well as from the harmful effects of pollution. Through those activities, students came to know about the importance of celebrating the international day regarding Ozone Protection.

In her statement for the day, Sadhana Parashar, director, academics and training, CBSE, said, “It is essential that children develop sensitivity towards their environment – psychological, political, social, as well as their natural surroundings. As an education board, the duty to inculcate environmental responsibility amongst children lies on us”.

The schools were asked to send the best works in each category along with the names of the students to their respective Sahodayas that coordinate with affiliated schools in different areas.

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