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CBSE School Fees Chennai 2012

Chennai Schools not happy with Fee Structure fixed by panel

The government – appointed fee determination committee has come out with a fee structure for some matriculation and CBSE schools in the state for the next three years.

The Committee, under the Chairmanship of Justice S R Singaravelu, has kick – started the process of drawing up the fee structure for academic years 2012 to 2015 by unveiling the fee structure for 85 CBSE and matriculation schools. The first fee structure, drawn up by the Justice K Govindarajan committee, will be valid till the end of the current academic year.

The initiative is expected to help schools plan expenses and educational initiatives in advance, but some are confused. “The fee structure seems to have been drawn up based on the management’s responses to the questionnaire handed out in 2009. Those are old details. There are a lot of new expenses under various other heads. We don’t know if the committee has accounted for any of that,” said the head of a private school.

He said he was expecting a revision in the fee structure, but had received “this shocker”. Some schools expressed disappointment over the “insignificant” hike in fees for each consecutive year, that varied between 200 and 1,000. Schools said the usual hike was 12.5 – 15%.

Schools said just electricity charges had shot through the roof, while teachers’ demand for salary hike had also to be met.

Other schools are at a loss about how to apply for a fee structure revision for next year. They said they had not received any communication from the school education department regarding a fresh application or whether they would be called upon to fill out a new questionnaire.

“We have decided to apply with fresh documents if we receive no communication from the fee committee or the school education department by the end of this academic year. The later we submit the application the easier it will be to justify expenses based on the rate of expenditure,” said founder of Shri Natesan Vidyasala N Ramasubramanyam.

Some felt that instead of fixing the fee structure for each school the committee could give an upper limit for schools. “Depending on the facilities offered a similar category of schools could be allowed to charge up to a particular amount. This will ensure that schools do not overcharge while giving parents the choice of opting for a particular type of school,” said K R Nandakumar, State General Secretary, Tamil Nadu Nursery, Primary, Matriculation, Higher Secondary Schools Association.