Phase III Counseling

Phase III Counselling

The second phase of engineering counselling ended on September 14, 2011.

There are a total of 297 seats available for engineering, with 115 seats in Puducherry, 112 seats in Yanam and 70 seats in Karaikal.

A total of nine seats are available for biology – based courses in the Union Territory. The third and final phase of counselling will start in the last week of September.

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Counselling Second Phase

Counselling Second Phase From September.6

The second phase of counselling for biology-based courses and engineering courses through the Centralised Admissions Committee will be from September 6 to September 13, according to a release.

The first day of counselling will be for B. Pharm, for both other States and all categories. There are six seats available for this course. This will be followed by the other States’ counselling for Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT), B.Sc Medical Lab Technology and B.Sc Nursing.

Counselling for biology-based courses will take place on September 6 and September 7. Engineering counselling will take place from September 9. There are a total of 311 seats available for candidates in the second phase for biology-based courses.

Other States candidates will have a total of three seats for pharmacy and paramedical courses and 22 seats for engineering in Pondicherry Engineering College and Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Institute of Engineering and Technology.

Additional seats may be available if the government or the colleges decides to sponsor more seats through CENTAC, if candidates who were placed through the first phase of counselling fail to join their course or if All India Quota or Non-Resident Indian Quota seats are surrendered, according to the release.

Candidates for the second phase of counselling will not receive individual call letters and interested candidates should attend the counselling along with a demand draft for Rs. 400 (Rs. 150 for Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe Candidates) drawn in favour of “Convenor CENTAC”.

Candidates who have passed the supplementary exam and applied to CENTAC earlier can also attend the counselling, the release said.

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858 Seats Remaining

858 Seats Remaining for Engineering Students through CENTAC

As many as 858 seats are vacant as on 1st August, 2011 at the end of the day’s counselling for admissions to the two Government and 11 private engineering colleges through the Centralised Admissions Committee ( CENTAC ).

When the day’s CENTAC Engineering counselling began there were 1364 seats remaining for the fifth day of counselling, with 755 students being called. Of these 506 seats were filled and till date, a total of 1950 candidates have been admitted to engineering courses through CENTAC.

According to an official from CENTAC, of the total number of candidates called on 1st August, 2011, 5 per cent of them declined to take up engineering seats.

Pondicherry Engineering College has 25 seats remaining overall, of which 19 are open to Schedule Caste candidates. The other Government institution, Perunthailavar Kamarajar Institute of Engineering and Technology in Karaikal has 24 seats remaining.

In the private colleges, Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering and Technology has 36 seats, Sri Manakula Vinayakar College of Engineering has 48 seats and Christ College of Engineering and Technology has 33 seats remaining.

Many seats are still available in private colleges in Karaikal and Yanam, with 327 seats in the two private engineering colleges in Karaikal and 188 vacant seats at the Regency Institute of Technology in Yanam.


General counselling

223 Seats Filled after General Counselling through CENTAC

At the end of the first day of general engineering counselling through the Centralised Admissions Committee ( CENTAC ), 223 of the available 2,609 seats were filled.

Although 518 applicants were called on the first day, over 150 candidates did not attend the CENTA Engineering Ccounselling.

An official from CENTAC many students were not present at counselling because they had received admission to medical through the CENTAC biology – based courses counselling. There were around 105 students in the top 500 ranks who had received seats at the Government Medical College, the official said.

Only one student, who received admission to Indira Gandhi Medical College & Research Institute through CENTAC counselling, chose to reject the seat and took up Electronics and Communication Engineering ( ECE ) at Pondicherry Engineering College ( PEC ), the official said.

Although many students preferred medical over engineering, the first person called in for counselling was the CENTAC second rank holder, unlike previous years when the first 10 rank holders would opt to move out of Puducherry. So far, most of the candidates have opted for seats at PEC, although there are still some seats available at the college. Other students have opted for the other government and government sponsored colleges.

The official said only one candidate had opted to enrol in a private college on the first day of CENTAC Engineering counselling. All other seats in the private colleges are still vacant.

There are still general quota seats available at PEC for chemical, civil and instrumentation engineering.

The second day of CENTAC counselling will take place on 29th July, 2011, with around 160 seats available at PEC and 139 seats available at Perunthailavar Kamarajar Institute of Engineering and Technology. Sri Manakular Vinayakar College of Engineering is another popular engineering college, according to the official, and it has 369 seats vacant.

There are seats available for Scheduled Caste candidates in all streams at all the colleges.

At present, early trends are emerging. According to the official, the two favourite courses for candidates are ECE and Mechanical Engineering. Electrical and Electronics Engineering ( EEE ), Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology were also filling up fast. The least popular courses are Chemical Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering and Civil Engineering, the official said.


645  Seats Available

645 seats available for engineering counselling

The CENTAC has tentatively announced that 645 seats will be available for the second phase of engineering counselling. The numbers are subject to change after the second phase of biology counselling, according to a release.

There are a total of 49 seats available in government engineering colleges – Pondicherry Engineering College and Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Institute of Engineering and Technology in Karaikal. Of these, 22 seats are for other State candidates. PEC has not yet provided five seats through the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the release said.

At private colleges, there are 273 seats available in Puducherry, 208 in Karaikal and 137 in Yanam.  CENTAC convener P. Jayakumar said the dates for the counselling would only be announced after September 2 once the All India medical seat quota is filled

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