Challenges and Opportunities in the Job Market

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Challenges and Opportunities in the Job Market
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Job Trends
News magazines undertake surveys and predictions of the hot job trends almost annually. Two such reports are summarized here.
Hot Jobs
The India Today – Millennium Series Vol. 3 – came up with the list of “10 hottest jobs”:

  • Tissue Engineers (dealing with man-made skin; artificial cartilage; liver, heart, kidney tissue).
  • Gene Programmers (dealing with digital genome maps that will allow technicians to create customized prescriptions; gene therapy; prevention of diseases, including certain cancers).
  • ‘Pharmers’ (dealing with therapeutic proteins vaccine-carrying vegetables; drug-laden milk from cows).
  • Frankenfood Monitors (dealing with fast-growing fish; freeze-resistant fruits).
  • Data Miners (dealing with extraction of useful tidbits from mountains of data, pinpointing behavior patterns for marketers and epidemiologists).? Hot-line Handymen (providing remote diagnostics to handle home electronics).
  • Virtual-reality Actors (allowing these pros to interact with viewers in cyberspace dramas).
  • Narrow casters-as compared to Broadcasters (enabling the current broadcasting industry to become increasingly personalized, working with advertisers to create customized contact).
  • Turing Testers (enabling computer engineers to measure their efforts to mimic human intelligence, as suggested by Alan Turing).
  • Knowledge Engineers (who are essentially AI brokers who will translate your expertise into software – and then downsize you!).

It is interesting to note that the first four relate to Biotechnology, while the rest relate to IT.
The same report also predicted that in the long run the following jobs will disappear:
Stockbrokers, Auto Dealers, Mail Carriers, and Insurance and Real Estate Agents: The Internet will eradicate middleman by the millions.
The Hot Job Tracks Report of 2001 was based on The Week – TN Sofres Mode Feedback Survey on “Emerging Career Options 2001”. In this Survey, over 70 emerging career tracks were identified.
Some of the conclusions arrived at are:

  • New technology is significan-tly affecting our lives.
  • There is life beyond IT; and beyond traditional main-stream careers.
  • For a creative, hardworking, enthusiastic person, the world is the oyster today.

The Survey identified the following 12 ‘hot job tracks’:
Design: with a scope encompas-sing: strategic corporate identity design; graphics; textiles; fashion design; industrial design; packaging; signage; environment design; media – print: film; internet and other digital interfaces; animation; web design; jewellery design.
Entertainment: animation; cable, satellite; film; FM radio; music; event management. Insurance: both life, and non-life insurance, with the scope including: marketing/sales executives; surveyor, loss assessor.
Healthcare: counseling (stress management, fitness); manager – hospital administration.
Infotech: career options in: network programming; installation management; internet applications; e-commerce; web security; IT-enabled services; CRM; data digitization; GIS; DSP; IT marketing; Technical writing.
Direct Sales – Consumer goods
Law: Modern law grads are joining the corporate sector as legal executives or legal officers, after specializing in corporate and international law.
Leisure: Customer Relations Executive: Travel and Tour Executive; Marketing Executives.
Media: Print, TV, online sources, with career options as: Online Editor, Content Specialist, Web executive; TV journalists.
Public Relations: Public Relations Officer/Guest Relations Officer; PR Executive.
Market Research: Marketing Executive; Research Executive.
Telecom: Marketing/Sales/Franchise Executive.
The new generation of employees
In their book:”Managing by Design”, R. Glaser and C. Glaser in the following characteristics of the ‘New Value of Employees’:

  • Better educated, more sophisticated.
  • More mobile, less loyal.
  • Respect authority and establishing, time-honoured institutions and traditions.
  • Choose a balanced life: allot equal time to work, leisure and family (personal relationships).
  • Except psychic + monetary rewards from job.
  • Assume entitlement to a middle-class life-style and above.
  • Seek more open, authentic relationships at work.
  • Insist on personal uniqueness.
  • Want meaningful, relevant work.
  • Strongly desire participation in the decision-making process.
  • Understand and will pursue legal rights.
  • Prefer not to defer gratification of personal needs.
  • Are more autonomous, less dependent.

Job and Career Opportunities for Women
The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, says the proverb. But over the last couple of decades, that hand has stretched beyond the cradle to reach out and grab the world.
More and more women have not only stepped out of their cradle-rocking roles to slip into the world of work, but have silently made sizeable inroads into the traditional male bastion.
Economic liberalization and the new freedom mantra has thrown open a new world of market opportunities for women. There is virtually no field of enterprise that women cannot enter, and fewer restrictions and pressures.
Today like never before women in India can do any job they set their minds to.

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