Students conduct a U.N. Session in CJC College

Students of about 10 colleges in Bangalore got a taste of the high-level sessions of the United Nations Organisation (U.N.) as they took part in the first session of the Model United Nations (CJCMUN) 2010 organised by Christ Junior College here on Friday.

The CJCMUN, now in its third year, allows students to re-create the functioning of international U.N. conferences where the youngsters represent delegates of various countries in the U.N. such as the General Assembly, Economic and Social Council and the Security Council.

Apart from opening the mock sessions to other colleges from this edition, CJCMUN has another new feature: ESCAPED (Emergency Special Committee for Addressing the Prevention of an Environmental Disaster), a committee, which functions as a two-tier crisis committee based in 2015

The committee’s primary focus is environment and facilitates discussions on temperature rise, rising sea levels, ozone layer depletion, food, water and energy scarcity, among others.

The concluding round and the valedictory session are scheduled for 23rd October, 2010 from 8.30 a.m. onwards.

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