Christian Minority-run Colleges demand Autonomy

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Christian Minority-run Colleges demand Autonomy

The Consortium of Christian Minority Higher Educational Institutions has appealed to the State / Central Governments and the University Grants Commission to give them autonomy in administration.

At the general body meeting of the consortium held in Madurai on Sunday, the Secretaries and Principals of various Christian educational institutions in the State have expressed their views during a discussion on issues concerning the autonomy in functioning of minority higher educational institutions.

G. Pushparaj, general secretary of the consortium, said that the minority educational institutions were not having autonomy in administration as well as appointment of staff.

“We have discussed the issues which are rather disturbing for Christian colleges. As per the Article 30 (1) of the Constitution, it is our right to establish / administer the institutions. We demand autonomy in administrative matters,” he said.

At the meeting, the consortium had particularly focused on the Selection Committee Procedure as per UGC Regulation Act 2000 and 2010 and it was expressed that the procedures that the minority educational institutions had to follow now were a violation of minority rights.

“When the minority institutions have a right to administer, how can there be a rule that a university nominee should be there in the selection board for appointment of principals, professors and assistant professors?” Mr. Pushparaj asked.

High Court Advocate Isaac Mohanlal made a presentation on the rights of minority educational institutions and the steps to be taken to protect them.

The consortium, which was formed in 2008, has been working to protect / promote the Christian higher education institutions both in urban and rural areas.

According to Dr.Pushparaj, the consortium has been particularly focusing on improving the quality of education in rural areas because most of the Christian minority institutions were situated in rural and semi-urban areas.

Besides discussing on UGC Selection Committee Procedure for appointment of faculty, the general body meeting of the consortium also deliberated on property tax and exemption to minority institutions.

Esther Mary, Consortium chairperson and secretary of Fatima College – Madurai, and Mercy Pushpalatha, Principal, Lady Doak College, were among those who aired their views on protecting the rights of Christian minority higher educational institutions.

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