Class XII CBSE Students Mathematics Paper throws up quite a challenge

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Class XII CBSE Students Mathematics Paper throws up quite a challenge

For Class XII students appearing for the Board examination conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the Mathematics Paper on Thursday proved to be rather challenging. Students said that one integral calculus problem carrying six marks in code one of the question Paper could not be solved. Teachers of leading city schools affiliated to the CBSE endorsed this view.

“Not just we…our counterparts in other city schools also told us that they could not solve the problem. Since it was a 6 marks’ question, the children were really upset,” said a senior mathematics teacher of a noted city school, on condition of anonymity. She also felt the difficulty level of the three codes of the question Paper was not uniform.

“I thought the code two was very difficult when compared to codes one and three. Some of the 4-mark questions were very challenging,” she said.

“I went through previous years’ question Papers. None of them seem to have questions of this nature. They were solvable and fairly direct,” said a student.

The students said they wasted a lot of time on this particular problem thinking it should be solvable one way or the other, only to find themselves having lost a lot of time, forcing them to hurry up with the rest of the Paper.

Unfair on students

Another senior teacher, who also did not wish to be quoted, said she covered the NCERT textbook thoroughly and also did extra problems. But the question Paper, in one sense, seemed to test concepts that the Board does not cover in class eleven or twelve, she said, adding,

“That is a little unfair on students. And as teachers, we are not able to decide how much we should cover beyond the concepts covered in the prescribed textbooks.”

N. Srinivasan, who has been giving private coaching in mathematics to students for nearly two decades now agrees that one problem could not be solved.

However, he thinks hard working students would have found the rest of the Paper easy, irrespective of the code. “Since the problem carried six marks, the moment children knew they could not solve it, they were very shocked and upset,” he said.

When contacted, CBSE’s regional officer N. Nagaraju said, “We have not received such feedback till now. If we do, we will request the schools to write to the Controller of Examinations. Then, they would take a decision on the marking scheme. Children will certainly not be subjected to any difficulty.”

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