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Co-optex to give part-time jobs to college students

Co-optex has opened its doors to college students for part-time employment. The work involves manning showrooms in the State between 4.30 and 8.30 in the evenings for which the organisation will pay Rs. 4,000 a month.

According to Co-optex special officer and managing director M.P. Nirmala, any college student is eligible to participate and they should approach the manager of the nearest showroom.

Co-optex has 137 showrooms in the State. Ms. Nirmala says the aim is provide the students an opportunity to earn while they learn. “Part time employment during study years as a concept has not picked up in our region.

By working at Co-optex showrooms the students will not only get money but also valuable experience, which will help them during employment,” she says.

She says the organisation can take up to 2,000 students. Further, Co-optex also plans to rope in students to conduct exhibitions. “During our annual exhibitions, we would like to avail students’ services for decorating our showroom and helping in sales. For their services the organisation will compensate them.”

In a few places in the State like Coimbatore, Co-optex has already had students. Ms. Nirmala says the weavers’ marketing arm also welcomes students’ role in designing dress materials.

“In the recent past in Chennai, we have had students of a private arts and science college designing salwar materials for us,” she says. For every accepted design, a student will be rewarded with Rs. 600. Designs are also welcome for shirts and other dress materials.

She says students or institutions can get in touch with the nearest showroom for part-time employment and design and production centre heads for supply of designs.

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