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Hi – Tech Training for MS Students

A Cochlear Implant and Bone Anchored Hearing Aid ( BAHA ) training centre, the first of its kind in India, has been set up in Chitradurga in Karnataka.

The centre, set up by SJM Medical College and Hospital, will be offering a month – long hi – tech training to students who have completed the Master of Surgery ( MS ) course in ENT specialty.

The ENT surgeons will be taught how to implant the artificial inner ear in aurally – challenged people who have lost hearing power in accidents or are born that way.

“This training centre will cater to not only the ENT specialists of Karnataka but also to the rest of the country. Hitherto, most of them had to go to the U.S. or some European country for training. Now, they can undergo training here and set up their own cochlear implant centre,” said N.B. Prahallad, ENT Surgeon and head of the department of ENT, SJM Medical College and Hospital.

WHO Survey :

Quoting from a survey by the World Health Organisation ( WHO ), he said that India was home to over 65 million aurally – challenged people – those who have lost their hearing capacity or have become hard listeners. Though external hearing aids are generally preferred for the hard listeners, Dr. Prahallad said such machines had limitations as they could not treat the people who were completely aurally – challenged.

Though India had about 30 implant centres, there are no centres for the surgeons to undergo training in the field.

Karnataka had three implant centres, and the Chitradurga centre is an addition which also offers training.

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