Coimbatore Industrial Infrastructure Association (COINDIA) offers Engineering Software Training

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Coimbatore Industrial Infrastructure Association (COINDIA) offers Engineering Software Training

The Coimbatore Industrial Infrastructure Association (COINDIA) has joined hands with Richmond CAD Solutions to offer engineering software training to students and those working in the engineering units.

COINDIA Chairman G. Rajendran has said in a release that the centre, which has been established at a cost of Rs. 2.5 crore, plans to train about 1,000 candidates annually.

Pump and motor manufacturing units, foundries and general engineering industries will benefit from this facility. This is part of the infrastructure created by COINDIA under the Rs. 57 crore Pump, Motor and Foundry Cluster project.

According to Mr. Rajendran, duration of the courses will vary from 15 days to three months, depending ton the module selected by the candidate. A batch will have about 10 members. The association plans to work with leading industries here to offer practical training and internship programmes.

The courses will include on-the-job training and classroom sessions in CAD/CAM and CAE. The training centre and the state-of-the-art modern tool room will help train the candidates in a real-time environment. “We have come out with contemporary training techniques such as audio-visual, in-plant and soft skills training.” The objective of the training programmes is to equip the participants with the skills and practical knowledge necessary to be part of a product development team.

With the modern tool room facility supporting the training centre, COINDIA plans to extend design and development services to small and medium-scale units. Members can bring their two-dimensional drawings and convert them into three-dimensional models. They can also solve their design problems. “The entire gamut of things will be supplemented by a rapid proto typing-sand sintering machine, so that the time gap between conceiving the idea and getting a tangible product on table is minimised,” he says.

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