Compulsory Education Act will bring More Children to School

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Compulsory Education Act will bring More Children to School

The Compulsory Education Act will bring many children to school and hence increase the number going towards education, K. Dhanavel, Secretary, Revenue Department, Government of Tamil Nadu, said here recently.

Speaking at the college day of AJK College of Arts and Science, he said he was pleased about the changes that were brought in the field of education. The stress on research due to inter-university interaction and collaboration with Western universities was a refreshing welcome, he said.

Even though the country was taking giant leaps in Information Technology, the progress in the field of agriculture was not too promising. “It is lagging behind and this has to be addressed immediately”.

“India occupies seventh position in space research and sixth in atomic research. In Western countries, students are exposed to research at the under-graduate level itself. This should be the case in India too,” Mr. Dhanavel said. K.M. Subramanian, Managing Director, Jeyavishnu Spintex Private Limited, Ajeet Kumar Lal Mohan, Secretary and Managing Trustee of the college, spoke.

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