Cooptex Showrooms introduces ‘earn while you learn’ scheme

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Cooptex Showrooms introduces ‘earn while you learn’ scheme

Cooptex showrooms across the State will soon have an ‘earn while you learn’ scheme offering part-time jobs to students of colleges and universities. They will be paid up to Rs.4,000 a month for spending four hours a day in the showrooms during evening hours. “We want to have this scheme in all places, including Chennai.

May be they can work during holidays too, for which payment will be made accordingly,” M.P. Nirmala, Managing Director and Special Officer of Cooptex, told The Hindu here on Wednesday.

She said already girl students of some colleges, including two in Madurai, were employed for a while. They would be employed in the showrooms or extension retail outlets.

Apart from jobs in sales counters, they might also be involved in giving a tasteful look to Cooptex showrooms.

Ms. Nirmala was in Madurai Kamaraj University to thank the staff, students and officials of the university and its affiliated colleges for selling Cooptex products worth over Rs. 1 crore under the State Government’s ‘Kaitharikku Kaikuduppom’ scheme to help weavers.

Herbal shirts

She said Cooptex would be launching ‘herbal shirts’ in all sizes and for all age groups targeting the middle class, particularly students and youngsters.

Experimental stage

“The herbal shirt is now in an experimental stage. The design and production wing of Cooptex is working on the product which carries herbal smell and natural flavour.”

Stating that the herbal shirt would have a soothing effect and would be eco-friendly, she said it might be priced around Rs. 300, keeping the middle class in mind.

Earlier, addressing the function, she said the Department of Youth Welfare and National Service Scheme (NSS) had shown a model of how students/staff could be mobilised for the cause of weavers.

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