Crafting Students’ Personalities

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Crafting Students’ Personalities

Much has been said about the need to focus equally on academics and co-curricular activities for the overall development of a child.

But with not many educational institutions practising what they preach, those who teach subjects such as art and craft, music or dance do not always get the respect they deserve.

However, institutions which do focus on extra-curricular activities are happy with the impact they have on the personality development of students.

“Though academic excellence is priority, it is not the only focus at our school,” says Indira Williams, principal, Baldwin Girls’ High School.

The school has four music teachers, five physical education teachers and four arts and crafts teachers. “We know they play a crucial role and they bring in sensitivity and creativity and teach children to have an eye for detail. They also liven up the school atmosphere,” she says.

Silvia Nehemaiah, one of the music teachers at the school working for nearly 17 years, says that she is proud of her job. “I take 30 periods in a week and enjoy every bit of it,” she says.

It is the same with Sujan Paul, music teacher at Cluny Convent High School, Jalahalli. He is teaching music for the past 11 years and says that interest level among students in music is growing over the years.

“As soon as students join music classes, I provide them information how these classes will help them excel in everything they do,” he says.

Shantharaj R. Acharya, art teacher at Prasiddhi School, is of the opinion that the onus is on teachers to make managements realise their importance through their work.

“We broaden a student’s understanding and it is also well-known and widely recognised that such activities contribute significantly to a child’s intellectual development,” he says.

G. Mallaiah Mathapati, senior coordinator of physical education activities at Jain International Residential School, says that physical education is part of the curriculum.

“And, a student loves to attend a music or a dance or a PE or a drawing class because they are practically-oriented classes,” he adds.

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