Democratisation of Knowledge is the aim of Education

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Democratisation of Knowledge is the aim of Education

Democratisation of knowledge and creation of an egalitarian society with people’s participation has been the aim of information and communication technologies and the goal of higher education, said B.P. Sanjay, Vice Chancellor, Central University of Tamil Nadu, Tiruvarur.

Addressing TECHKNOW-10, a students’ symposium organised by the department of MCA, E.G.S. Pillay College of Engineering, here on Wednesday, Dr. Sanjay infused a humanistic and a democratic vision of the Information and Communications Technology revolution.

“Our country is a knowledge society and on the road to information and communication technology each of you constitute the cutting edge of research,” he said.

“Knowledge societies are established to facilitate greater participation of different countries in a globalised era. In this, what could be the role of ICT professionals in ensuring access and participation?”

The Vice Chancellor called upon the students to constantly engage with the world around – to critically inquire how the given tools of technology could be used to “empower the immediate society.”

“Application of knowledge allows negotiation and transaction with the outside world.” In this, professionals of computer and information technology have a significant role to play.

“Translation of good piece into colloquial Tamil does not requires years of research – and this would help transform the community you are serving.”

Pointing out to the establishment of Central University of Tamil Nadu in Tiruvarur, the Vice Chancellor underlined the point that “future resides in smaller towns.”

“It is the principle of access that allows institutions to provide publicly affordable education” and this is the direction of the “path of higher education.”

He also released a newsletter during the occasion.

S. Paramesvaran, Secretary, EGS Pillay Educational Institutions and S. Ramabalan, Principal, also spoke.

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