Diploma Students demand Carry Over System

Students of several polytechnic colleges in Gulbarga held protest rallies in Gulbarga on Thursday for the third day in a succession.

The protesters wanted the State Government to introduce the carryover system for students pursuing diploma courses.

Different organisations appeared to be competing with each other in leading the protests of the students of polytechnic colleges on the same issue.

Under the banner of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), students of polytechnic college held a ‘rasta roko’ agitatyion here on Thursday.

Movement of traffic was disrupted for over half an hour in the morning at Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Chowk. Later, they held a protest demonstration in front of the Deputy Commissioner’s office and submitted a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner.

The protests that began on Tuesday have been led by different organisations but on the same issue.

Vedike involvement

Students of polytechnic colleges protested under the banner of the Karnataka Rakshana Vedike ( Praveen Shetty ) on Tuesday held a protest demonstration in front of the Deputy Commissioner’s office.

They urged the Government to allow first and second year students, who have not passed in all subjects, to be admitted to the next year of study. In short, they demanded that the carry – over system be introduced in diploma courses.

Then, on Wednesday, the rival Karnataka Rakshana Vedike (Narayan Gowda), staged a similar protest on the same issue. Movement of traffic was affected for over an hour in Gulbarga city when the vedike members, along with students, staged a protest.

173 thoughts on “Diploma Students demand Carry Over System

  1. sir plzz raise the carryovers to 8 sujects sir plzz give us a chance to prove urself plzz its an humble request frm polytechnic student.

  2. Sir pls leave circular quickly about carry over sir pls we are waiting for that sir pls give us 6 subject carry over sir becouse syllabus has changed sir pls


  4. Sir so many students or facing problem about this carry over system sir. And so many students or living jobless sir if atleast the students has completed the 3 years they wil get a course complete certificate and they wil get work for temporary and they wil be free from financial problems so please help to students to complete the Diploma course sir.

  5. Hi, sir/madem I am moses from ELECTRONICS & COMUNNICATION departmante plz… plz… plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………….. plz give me carry over system for all diploma students plz help

  6. Sir ,
    All second year students should get Carry on ……. so that they can move to next year and save a year of their lifes . Many students suicude cause of yD save them ..

  7. as the dte changed syllabus in 2015_2016
    …. so plz give full caryover dis time… if we get year back this time means we shld read final year in new syllabus so plz think dis all and increase carry oVer…

  8. please sir carry over last time because im depending by ayaz jaffer and sohsil also depend my rriends for cob

  9. Dear sir!! this is happy from Bangalore and we have a humble request please Provide “Carry over”what we will do sir only last year we have to complete please rise carry over!! we all student are just bagging!! we r like your child please help us plZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  10. Dear sir please rise carry over please, it makes 1000 of student life and we are in middle ocean, dear sir please rise Carry over at least 11 paper,,sir its very important.

  11. please sir give me a last chance bcos iam depended upon diploma only…give the carry over system…

  12. Sir pleas give for final year so DAT students can help lot pleas only for this time sir \madam pleas see our situation n do as early as possible

  13. sir atleast give for final year students sir becz in poore familys very difult to live sir if u give the carry over for final year we are finishing our diploma next year joing to job sir its help to family plz sir give carry over sir plz plz

  14. sir i want to finish our diploma full so.. plz rise the carry over atleast 8(eight) plz……….. madam/sir

  15. gave me 1 chance i’ll prove myself plz……………. rise the carryover atleast 8 it’s an humble request sir plz……

  16. Sir please give us last chance by providing carry over atleast 8 because its depends on many students life

  17. sir if u can give us full carry over all our lives can be changed forever sir/madam u are leaving a foot print with ur help god bless u sir do not make ur childrens disappointed

  18. I beg u sir plz… rise the carry over atleast 8(eight) our future is in your hand don’t felt us down sir… it’s an humble request sir/madam….

  19. hello sir,
    plz provide 10 c/o for this year coz syllabus has change & even vtu syllabus has changed , they gave full c/o too…. when vtu have provided then u should too plz….. we are waiting too get into final year sir.

  20. Sir please give us 8 Subjects Carry Over system so that Lot of Students From All Over Karnataka Finish Their Diploma And Get Into Engg College Or Get into a good Job. At Lest They Can Get Passout OF Diploma College And get Settled In Life….

  21. Sir please give us last chance by providing carry over atleast 8 because its depends on many students life… Look after this and grant us as soon as possible, by that we can take decisions about our future careear….

  22. sir plz giv us one chance sir al least give us 6 carry over sir if not i will commit suicide dont think it fake its my life plz sir

  23. Hi sir

    pls confirm the carryover system for this academic year as soon as possible pls we r waiting for that

  24. Sir plz give me one chance in Cary over at least any 6 or 8 plz don’t waste the students life sir plzzzzz

  25. Sir please extend the maximum carryover to 5! Just 1 extra PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!
    My life is at high stake!!! please!!! !!! !!!

  26. Sir plz give us chance at lest for 6 subject…….plz sir plz………………………sir

  27. hello sir,

    Sir lot of students life is in line , if u give 10 c/o atleast lot of students will get in who wants to study & complete there course & get in to a job… plz grant us …….

  28. Sir,plz give at list 10 carry over….otherwise lot of students life will spoils….plz this over request…..

  29. Sir give 8Subject Carry Over so that Lot of Students From All Over Karnataka Finish Their Diploma And Get Into Engg College Or Get into a good Job. At Lest They Can Get Passout OF Diploma College And get Settled In Life.

  30. plz give us carryover for this year i’m requesting u sir i’m beg u sir my humble requesting u sir

  31. Sir&madam we are requesting,please give any 10 carry over rules..we r all of student kindly requested….!

  32. hello sir we students have dreamed alot bout our future plz lets just have a chance of correcting our mistakes plz provide us 10 c/o for this year, so that we could study & complete our course & do engineering….. plz sir , its like do or die situation for us plz….. do grant us plz plz….

  33. plzz u have give carry over system requesting sir plz….. the humble request from all diploma students

  34. Respected Sir /Medium Please give over carry of 8 Subject it will help to the all students for this year By (INAMUL HASAN )

  35. Dear Sir,Give us 10 C/O for this year because upcoming syllabus is gonna change n most of the students have got only final year to complete so plz Sir kindly grant us C/O for only this year…..

  36. Sir/madom plz give 10 carryover plz plz my humble request to you sir plz plz
    By parmesh Mandya 16 2015 .8:15pm

  37. sir plzzzz give me 6 carry over sir other wise i will die
    this is my humbel requesrt sri
    sir other wise i will die
    sir other wise i will die
    sir other wise i will die
    sir other wise i will die
    sir other wise i will die
    sir other wise i will die
    sir other wise i will die

  38. in every state there is a carry over system but not in karnataka why sir we are also indian na then why wont we get carry over system

  39. Dear sir/madam
    We request to give 10 or more carry over for diploma students
    Please give more carry over

  40. Sir plzzz give at least 6 subjects carry over plzzz its a final year for me if u give 6 subjects carryover plzz sir its our all dte students humble request & 1year we couldn’t wait sir again we loss our concentration on studies plzz understand sir..

  41. Please have mercy on us sir we beg you to increase our carryover for our future please help us everyone who is in karnataka.,please do this for our nation. sir we want to study. We are ashamed to walk outside, please give us a chance stand in our own support .pls think about our families every thing is in your hands.,.

  42. dear sir am kindly requesting for you sir pls give for one more carry over chance sir our future in your hand plss sir understand students problem sir plss plss plss sir

  43. sir,
    its our last option , give us 10 c/o ….our future is in ur hands … plz don’t let it spoil, there is lot of students out there who just have a year to complete ,plz grant us c/o so that we can continue our education & complete & settlle plz……. hopping u’ll grant 10 c/o …..

  44. hi sir …my name is yuvaraj k a i am studying diplom first yera in bapuji polytecinc davangere sir i am reqsting give the 5 carry over plz sir i am going 2nd year plz sir i am pur family i am 10th studide kannada mediyam
    plz sir give me 5 carry over sir plz

  45. Sir/medum plz give the carry over of 10 sub plz sir give an 1apportunity to the students they can build der feature…. Its all in ur hand if u gave carry over u will be the reason for who can build der feature only becz of u…. I hope u’ll give last chance to students…. Plz sir…..

  46. i heartly request you sir/madam plz carry over the subjests atleat 10,it will helps to all students for this year.
    by anil & ganesh from bidar karnataka.

  47. Respected sir/Medium please carry over for 8 back students lose lose the interest of studying .As like many other degree has back luck of 10 please do 10 back t
    his last time kindlydo the needful it well the very very helpful thanks you sir.

  48. Sir in home i already told dat i am entry for this year bt still i have 8 sub backs if in home dey got dat i am still nt entered means i will be die sir plzzzz give last chance plzzz we beg u its our life sir plzzzz plzzzz plzzzz

  49. Sir plz give any 10 i a request sir you are sir you have to take care of student sir plz it a habala request sir plz plz plz plz sir

  50. dear sir r mam all diploma students in carry over problem pls give for us carry over plss plss plss sir…….

  51. hi sir ,
    plz give c/o of 10 for this year so that we could complete our 3rd yrear ….. we’ve got only a yr to go plz……..,

  52. Dear sir or madam, I m requesting u to give carry over at least 10 subjects it helps fr many students

  53. Respected Sir/Madam by making Carry over as 4 back it is being a big prob for us Students many many students and Students lose the interest of studying As like many other Degree Has back locks of 10 please do 10 back this last time kindly do the needful it will be very very very helpfull to many many Students

  54. Dear sir/madum,

    My Self Sandeep M S Working as Process Design Engineer From last Four years and In Karnataka many poor family sudendts studying Diploma Engineering With part-time work So at least give 5-6 Subject for carry-Over

  55. Sir.please give da carry over atleast 8 sir please… We want finish da diploma sir please give da carry over

  56. Sir plzzzzzzz give atleast 5 carry over system plzzz. For 5th sem plzzz give us one chan’s

  57. sir plzz give any 10 so that we can go to clg and get a chance for working hard sir plzz help us out its a humble request to u to give COB sir plzz its all abt of our life sir

  58. Hello sir/mam plz give us this time c o b any 10 plz sir plz help us thistime i will study well plz sir…….i m very poor family student sir…..plz help sir……

    thanking you

  59. dear sir/medm ples give ua s chance, atlist 10 subject carry over bcz in chamarajanagara there are so many poor students pls give me carryover…….. i hope u will give us Tank u–

  60. SSir/ma’am please allow the carry over system of atleast 10 subjects. please the students years are going waste due to it. please think on it… request you sir atleast this time you give… allow it sir. many students future is in your hand.

  61. sir please give us a chance, at-lest for 8 subject carry over

    by khan from gulbarga, Karnataka on July 9,2015 at 10:27am

  62. sir/madam please give us atleast 8 carry over bcz in kalaburagi there are so many poor students they doing part time job for family so they did not concentrating in studies they all just want to complete their final year so please give us 8 carry over please please please please our life is in ur hand sir dont spoil our life please…….i hope u will give us THANK YOU>>

  63. Sir please allow the carry over system of atleast 10 subjects. please the students years are going waste due to it. please think on it… request you sir atleast this time you give… allow it sir. many students future is in your hand.

  64. Nanu 2012 rail diploma seridu nan subject 6 back subject plz nange carry over beku plz

  65. Please allow carry over system,every yaer lot students stop thier education and going searching jobs.
    Govt must think on this and allow carry over system.
    Oneside Govt telling marali shalege baa other side because this policy they are telling manege hogu.Thia is not correct.Please sir think on this.

  66. syllabus changing this year so plz…. sir we are in trouble now plz rise the carry over it’s our request plz……… sir

  67. Sir/madam plz try to understand our problems sir plz give us one more chance to grow our carrier plz…give carry over system….

  68. Respected Sir Plese Grant Us Carry Over Because Many Students Have To Complete Only Final Year After Completing Diploma If There Some Subjects Remain As back Atleast He Can Do A Normal Job To Support Their Financial Condition

  69. sir/madam plz give as 10 c/o system syllabus is changing sir more than 15000 students are suffering give last chance sir to prove ourself sir atlest give us 8 carry over sir its our future sir i beg u sir

  70. As per changes of syllabus this year the regular students hav to write new syllabus but for back students hav to get a chance by increasing carry over system … This is an humble request to think on this subject

  71. Dear plz plz plz make altest 10 subjests of carry over plz sir its our humbal request plz try to understand ur feelings sir plz plz

  72. Sir plese give this year carry over system 10, or 8 subject kandly request plz.

  73. please give the carry over.we will not spoke about our feature,we will ask about whoole indian students,pleas give the carry over atleast 6 subject,we will humble request you sir

  74. pleas gave the carry over to the students.they will totaly change our studies for our feature

  75. Sir if u either to give carry over system means bring full carry over means super carry over system otherwise don’t give any system sir let it be to old system….6,8,10,12 is okay and wat about the students who failed in 13,14 subjects….try to plz understand me sir

  76. plz rise the carry over 12 sir because when sylabus change,its very difficult
    for us plz, plz help me sir.

  77. Plz rise the carry over 10 sir bcause when sylabus change it’s gonna very difficult for us plz.. jst one time plz help us sir.

  78. we are falling plz… help us sir we are kindly request plz rise the carry over atleast 8 sir..

  79. Dear sir,

    Give us 10 c/o for this year because upcoming syllabus is gonna change n most of the students have got only final year to complete so plz sir kindly grant us c/o for only this yr….

  80. Dear sir ,
    Plz let’s have 10 back logs coz the syllabus is changing & it’d be great for the students so plz hopping u’d give c/o…plz grant it’s last shot …..

  81. Dear sir ,
    Plz let’s have 10 back logs coz the syllabus is changing & it’d be great for the students so plz hopping I’d give c/o…


  83. sir or madam i’m requesting u to at give least 10 carryover sir let us go for final year it our life sir…diploma also like degree sir we have more to study sir 4 subject is not enough we are suffering lot plz give us carry over sir its our future…………………………..

  84. Dear sir or madam, I m requesting u to give carry over at least 10 subjects it helps fr many students who r in dipressed , plz I requested u to give at least 10 carry over plz

  85. Plz give carry over atlst 10 sir.. Becz by diz 4 or less den 4.. System.. Is nt happening sir.. Plz fr diz 2015giv carry over of 10.. So we can go to final year.. If diz nt happen..our life will spoil sir.. So plz giv sir..

  86. Plzzzz sir give carry over of 8 subject…………plzzz it’s a request……… Sab students eak jaise nahi hote ke sab log all clear karke next sem ja sake plzzzz sir ham jaise students ke bare me sochiye…….plzzz sir give carry over system……

  87. Sir/ma’am many students are not able to pass in many subject if u give us carry over
    We can go next sem please give us chance

  88. sir please give carry over for 6 subject for 2014 . In 2013 i didnt get carryover & didnt complete my studies so please give carryover in 2014 other wise we are sure that we will forget congress & we will destroy this congress party in karnataka

  89. sir plzzz give me sir only 6 sir iam future in your hand sir plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sir

  90. plz…giv..atlist..8 caryovr bcz..ths yr mst…f stdnts faled..purpos of nt gvn complt studis frm th cllges nd they nid nly mony th cllgs reputatn s gettng dwn..if u dnt giv…studnt lif gets down by nt gttng ny propr job..bcz they r detaind..candidate..if u r rejected ths abv statment…studnts leave cncntrtn on studis…thnk u..

  91. sir please give me atleast 6/8 back subject to complete final year………sir if u do this i will be thankful to u and GOD blessing to u and your family……..please accept my request sir…..

  92. sir plz give 10 r more sub carry over
    this is all 81,000 student request (life)………
    god belssing u & ur family so plz sir

  93. sir i am lokesh if u have heart plz increas back log plz if ur a human being plz do carry over 6 / 8plz….. if u want ill fall to ur leg

  94. dear sir plz..give carry over system 8 or 10 its my final year please it’s my heartly request sir please sir….

  95. Dear Sir, Please do focus on the life and future for the diploma students,
    Due to carry over system we are facing lots of problems
    we request you to give 8 or 10 carry over, this will help many of the
    students life secure in their future.
    Why students are demanding for carry over? What are problems were facing by
    1) 60% of portions are not completing.
    2) Lecturers are not there in many polytechnics.
    3) Students were coming from villages, they feel difficult to study.
    4) Who are completed sslc, the students find lack of difficulties to study even
    though the students were putting efforts to study and complete the courses.
    5) Due to 4 carry over system students were attempted for suicide.
    By seeing this the Technical Board should focus on carry over system.
    As soon as possible please issue the carry over system
    plz…plz…plz…plz…plz…plz…plz…plz…plz..plz…plz…save 81,000 students life.

  96. sir i m sami from bidar
    i request to u for crryover atleast 6 sujbct
    it would b great mercy on stdents so giv crryovr systm early


  98. tecnical board i come from a poor family becoz im working and studing i have got 6 backs i request and beg u for atleast change the carry over to 6 or 8 backs

  99. My self Ramesh.i am E.E in East West polytechnic,sir please give atleast carryover up to 8.bcz for my frinds seek.I have passed but my frinds have failed in 5,6,7 subjects,so plz i requst u to extend the carryover……….

  100. sir, this is abhishek reddy i request you for carry over of atleast 8 ,please this is our humble request .

  101. sir this is a humble request frm many of the students to give carryover 10 subjects, so that 60% of the students can go fr next yr, even this is a students lyf, pla dont play wth students lyf pls pls increase carryover..

  102. sir please give 8 or 10or 6 carry over pllase don’t spoil student life sir give one chance pls sir
    By S.E.T.Ploytechic melokote mandya

  103. Respected sir/madam am student in government polytechnic. Sir please understand the student problem please give 6 or 8 carry over for final year. This year we faced many problems due to election and exam time table. Exam also finished as early we request you to please raise the carry over to 6 or 8. Please give as early as possible because classes started. We have lot future dreams. Please please

  104. Sir, Please don’t allow carry over system.
    or, karnataka diploma will have no value.
    if possible, make strict norms so that no other government will make such a mistake.
    we should go by standards. we should never compromise on education, knowledge. please consider valuable suggestions of true academicians and scientists and industrialists.

  105. Sir/mam, i requested u to give carry over system to entering final year plz sir so many students r fail in less then 10 subjects, atleast give 8 carry over, sir plz dnt spoil our student life, otherwise we ll waste 1 year plz sir its humble request to u…

  106. sir please give the carry over of atleast 6 or8 please our futher life is in your hand please sir………………………sir we are begging you this time we will give u good result please sir i am requesting once again sir

  107. sir/mam please allow us for next sem otherwise we will waste our one year .atleast give us 8 carryover it is our humble request……..

  108. sri we are requsting u give us atleast 8carry over system .the position are going on plz give us fastely .this is over humble request

  109. Please give us 10 carry over system for admission to Vth Semester in Diploma Polytechnic otherwise students waste one year and sitting in home simply.

  110. respected sir please sir ……….extend the carry over system,class are going on,internals are coming near ………don`t west student time ….students are allready wasted some time….please

  111. respected sir i am a parent ….my son has back of 6 subjects but he has pass 3rd and 4th sem and he is from kannada medium and he is having backs in 1st year..
    i feel so sad that you have given my son a 1st chance while he has in 1st year but what differences will make if you give 8 subject has a carry over system many parents would be greatfull to you becouse ther children is getting a chance to pass the pass 2nd and 3rd year with he is capability what he had but your not giving chance to go to 3rd/5th sem


  113. dear mam or sir i requesting u to please increase the carry nover system atlest 6 or 8 and i m studying in m v j polytechnic

  114. sir/mam please allow us for next sem otherwise we will waste our one year .atleast give us 8 carryover it is our humble request……..

  115. 3 times u only gaved carry over system now if not give means itwill be very problem to all dipoloma student please give atleat any 8 th from raichur////////////////

  116. RESPECTED SIR, TO B T E , from;prasanna kumar from SKBP POLYTECHNIC, Sir i requesting you to give carryover for final year entering students atleast 6 or 8. sir please sir this is my humble request.


  118. sir u know 1thing i was in very bad condition so i cud\’nt concentrate on my studies so i kindely request u to grant me unlimited carry over system as which has followed by degree cources ……

  119. Iam Rajesh from bijapur I would be requesting to give 8subjects for 5th sem … Time table has came to early compared to previous year 2012 . In 2013 time table subjects mentioned was overlaps between backsubjects and regular subjects tat was also problem.. We not demanding 10 subjects just 8,subjects..

  120. Respected sir,
    with respect i like to request you to implement carry over system to 5th sem students bcoz their lives will be spoiled. please sir think about it…. please…. atleast give 8 carry over system to final year students….

  121. respected sir/mam, im srinivas am studying 4th sem electronics & communication,due to the clashes of exam time table i have faced so many prblems to pass through the examination, sir please grant atleast 6 or 8 subjects carry over its my humble request sir, i hope the DTE board will understand students problems and feelings

  122. TO:-
    Technical Board
    dear sir/medam,
    iam nagesh naik studing in Automobile Diploma 4th sem at R.N.S RURAL POLYTECHNIC MURDESHWAR. I request to you please give us carry over atleast 8. please sir i request to you

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