Science Centre to hold Poster Competition on Chemistry

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Science Centre to hold Poster Competition on Chemistry

The District Science Centre, Gulbarga, in collaboration with the Association of Chemistry Teachers, Mumbai, and Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Mumbai, will organise a chemistry poster competition for students and teachers to commemorate the International Year of Chemistry.

District Science Officer Rajesh B. Borale said in a press release on 3rd April, 2011 that competitions will be held on 11th April, 2011 on the district science centre premises here.

Selected posters will be sent to the national convener of the Indian Association of Chemistry Teachers.


The main theme of the contest is “Chemistry: our life, our future”. Other themes included history of chemistry in India, chemistry in daily life, natural products as drugs and medicines, chemical fertilisers and organising farming – uses and misuses, plastics and polymers, chemistry in medicine, green chemistry, air and water pollution, chemistry of environment, and career opportunities.

Mr. Borale said the poster must highlight the excitement and challenges in chemistry and its applications in everyday life, and it should be catchy. The participants should bring the necessary materials except drawing sheets.

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