E-learning Platform launched

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E-learning Platform launched

The dearth of technology that is scalable and caters to educational institutions to meet the growing e – learning needs of the country, is what led to three software entrepreneurs to quit their jobs at a leading software MNC to create an e – learning product – Pengala.

Pengala, which means “you can do it” in Bahasa Indonesia, was released this week in Bangalore by Pradeep Singh, Navin Thangiah and Will Poole, the three executive – turned entrepreneurs.

Mr. Singh said : “When I came back to India from the U.S., I felt there was a dearth of technology that builds scalability into educational institutions. We have great teachers; we just need to provide them with scalability.”

Platform approach

The product has been launched after four years of R&D done in close collaboration with the education industry. The product takes a “platform approach that helps partners securely distribute courseware and scale their business while making it easy for students to learn.

The software package, currently available to international, ICSE and CBSE schools in metropolitan cities, is priced at 150 per student.

Chief Executive Officer Mr. Thangiah said Pengala uses high – quality video lectures that can be accessed offline. The videos can be replayed any time and the notes taken can be saved.

This, says Mr. Thangiah, engages every student, even the slow learners. Question tabs, vernacular language content and regular reports about student performances further enhance the learning process.