French Institute offers unique Courses

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French Institute offers unique Courses

To meet the rising demands of professionals in specific areas, ECE Paris Graduate School of Engineering, a top private engineering institute in Paris is offering three new graduation options – Transports & Mobility, Energy & Environment, Health Care & Technologies in the final year of its Masters’ Program.

“The first graduated students from these options will enter the job market in the summer of 2011. The skills of these student – engineers in information systems, embedded systems, telecommunications and networks will be essential in offering efficient, comfortable and thrifty energy solutions, be it for urban mobility, housing, or medical supervision of patients,” says Laurent Hua, Director, Academic and International Development.

He says embedded technology is the future course that students should look to given its application in almost every gadget that is part of modern day life.

Recognised Degree

An advantage of studying at ECE is that it provides the French Master’s Degree in Engineering that is recognised by both the French Government and the European Union.

With focus on research students get to work with the best companies in France and EU.

“Pioneering research of students has provided solutions to sensor networks, local wireless communications, real time informatics and robotics,” Mr. Hua says.

The mission of the academic structure is to train generalist and operational IT engineers, with strong scientific knowledge so they can adapt to future technologies, know how to deal with economic realities and choose a professional attitude.

In order to integrate the concerns of the corporate world, the scientific and technical education of the students is completed with training in communication, languages, management, as well as a minor to be chosen.

The pedagogy is firmly based on projects and the international aspect holds a very important place in the curriculum.

This year 10 Indian students are attending the Master in Engineering program at ECE and they come from various States. With business between India and France growing rapidly, Mr. Hua says French companies working in India want to recruit Indian students with experience in France.

More details about the courses can be had on the website

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