Education is the Key to understand Humanity

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Education is the Key to understand Humanity

“The education you have received was aimed at providing you with the knowledge and skills to be used for the betterment of human beings,” Vice-Chancellor of B.S. Abdur Rahman University P. Kanniappan, said here recently.

Delivering the graduation day address of the RVS College of Arts and Science, Mr. Kanniappan appealed to the students to contribute towards developing a reasonable standard of living with peace and harmony.


“Education is the key to understand humanity. India is on the verge of a new wave of development in the ascending economic trajectory.

The industrially developed world has realised that India is a knowledge power. With a 540-million strong youth force, each and everyone have a role to play in the process of change,” the Vice-Chancellor said.



Pointing out that the world had become a global village, Mr. Kanniappan said, to understand globalisation one had to walk down a shopping centre.

Apples from Australia, cheese from France, and consumer electronic goods from Korea, could be found there. Even education, employment and entertainment had become global.

“The geographical location of students, teachers, and teaching institutions is almost irrelevant.

Many students from the U.S. now routinely take tutorial assistance from Indian teachers. It is no longer a matter of who teaches from which institution. What is important is what is taught, and learnt,” he said.

Stressing that survival of the fittest was the rule in the context of globalised competition, the Vice-Chancellor said, the Indian education system should prepare the youth to meet the challenges of globalisation. It should not be a watertight compartment.


“Education has to be a means of imparting knowledge and wisdom, of realising talent and skills, and preparing the students for the road ahead”.

He however cautioned the students that one’s contribution to the world would not be measured by the money one made or the accolades they received. But, it would be measured by the way in which one shared their unique gifts with the world, the Vice-Chancellor said.

Principal P. Thirunavukkarasu administered the oath to the passing out graduates. Managing Trustee K. Senthil Ganesh, Founder Trustee K. Padmavathy Kupusamy, and Secretary H. Newman, spoke.

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