Education System killing Curiosity in Children

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Education System killing Curiosity in Children

“How to make it to an IIT?” This is a question that pesters students and parents alike.

In a most enlightening 45-minute talk on Thursday, educationist and MLC Chukka Ramaiah dwelt on various facets of IIT and the education system, including where the problem lies and what the students should do.

He delivered the talk at a seminar on ‘study opportunities’, organised by the Rotary Club Vijayawada Mid-Town as part of its new generation month activities.

Raising the question about the stumbling blocks for children, Mr. Ramaiah listed issues like lack of creativity, inability to think out of the box and inability to respond to problems and facts around them. So, what’s required to overcome these handicaps?

“Rational thinking, analytical and reasoning power, creativity, correlation of life and education are necessary to make it to an IIT. This apart, discipline and dedication are also required,” he said.

Pointing to several fallacies in the education system, Mr. Ramaiah lamented that the system was killing curiosity and inquisitiveness among children. It was leading to “uni-dimensional growth” of children.

Students were being forced to mug up the lessons and get good marks. The children were never being allowed to think logically and question what was being taught, he pointed out, adding, “Teachers are neither shepherds nor students sheep to follow their teachers.”

A Failure

“Don’t snub the child if he asks you for a reason. It puts an end to inquisitiveness and questioning power. We are facing the ill effects of it now because this produces citizens who keep silent even if caned. It will slowly degenerate democracy.

In the same way, we have more than 200 universities. But, we have failed to produce a single noble laureate as the children are never allowed to understand what is taught and research for new things,” he said.

Summing up, Mr. Ramaiah said : “Your seniors have set new standards and reigning world class universities. Onus lies on you to take forward that credit. Engineering is not the only field to excel in life. Economics and journalism are some of the areas for a student to look for as alternatives.”

Rotary International district 3020 governor P. Damodar Reddy, district governor-elect P. Sundar Rao, club president G. Srinivas Arya, secretary M.S.V. Anand, Inner Wheel Club president D. Rajya Lakshmi and others were present.

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