Encourage Best Students to take up Teaching

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Encourage Best Students to take up Teaching

Reforms in the education sector and community participation are required for India to compete with the rest of the world, said G. Viswanathan, Chancellor, VIT University, here on Sunday.

Speaking at the 20th annual book distribution function of the Sri Sumathi Vishal Jain Book Bank, Mr. Viswanathan said there was a shortage of quality teachers and the government should encourage the best students to turn to the teaching profession.

Harvard, Yale and Stanford had a combined total of US $100 billion and the higher education institutions in India also needed such benefactors to improve the quality.

While access to engineering education had improved, medical education was still lagging behind, he said.

The entry of foreign educational institutions would increase access and quality but such institutions may not be affordable for the average person, he said.

Office-bearers of the Trust said there were over 10,000 books distributed this year.

In the last 20 years, nearly 1.31 lakh books worth ₹ 3 crore had been distributed, they added.

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